Like Finding a Gem, I Found the New Milford Pop Singer, Kevin C. Browne, and Can’t Get Enough of His Tracks


Kevin C. Browne, the New Milford Pop Singer from North Carolina is catching a lot of people’s eyes, turning heads and I am one of the lucky ones for sure.

Kevin C. Browne

Recently I came across a talented Pop Singer who has quite a bit of commendable feathers in his crown to show off. This new and rising pop singer Kevin C. Browne is from North Carolina and is sweeping his fans off their feet with his latest releases. Songs like Cosmic Revelation’, ‘Dreaming in ColorsandEscape to Nowhere have been gaining a lot of popularity on social media and music streaming platforms since their release due to the unique and freshness they are bringing to the fans. According to the artist, the real cosmic revelation is the race of mankind from landing on the Moon to 55 years later, mankind’s desire to reach Mars. Well, I would highly recommend this artist as the third song has truly stolen my heart with its relatability and peaceful soundscape.

The most recent release ‘Cosmic Revelation’ is a cool instrumental piece that will transcend the listeners to outer space. The theme of the track is Space and Time which is masterfully portrayed by vibing electronic soundscape and atmospheric music. Before this, ‘Dreaming in Colors’ by the New Milford Pop Singer an excellent tribute to his favorite artist Mike Pinder was released by Kevin C. Browne. This song deals with the meaning of dreams and what it feels like to be a part of one. Both of these tracks have been hugely inspired and influenced by the legendary musician Mike Pinder. However, ‘Escape to Nowhere’ speaks about the very moment we all feel when faced with a difficult situation. The desire to run away from it has been on all of our minds and the synth in this track really gives the vibe of nothingness. All of these smashing hits can be listened to on SoundCloud and the fans can check out his profiles on X, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Deezer, and his website for the latest updates and news.

Let’s listen to Kevin C. Browne’s new tracks only on SoundCloud: