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IssueWire is one of the globally leading press release distribution sites that provides music press release services, bringing increased visibility and reach.

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Press releases are a very cost-effective way to promote a brand and one of the best communication tools that companies use to maintain their reputation and relationship with the media. However, writing a press release following all the correct forms and styles is only half battle, without distribution the content will not receive the desired results. IssueWire is one of the globally recognized press release distribution companies that provide top-tier services at affordable prices. Working with the company comes with the opportunity to publish content on more than 150 media and news platforms of premium quality. The press release is syndicated to a wide range of news, business, and financial media outlets.

The premium distribution will not only get the brands and their content to journalists from top-rated media outlets but also to Google News. The company offers an effective and fast-working paid press release distribution service with limited distribution for free press releases. No matter what the press release is, be it a music press release, a financial PR, or a book press release, IssueWire is one of the only few distribution websites that gives its clients media distribution, Bing News, Google News, and guaranteed placement with syndicated press releases in top-rated sites. Getting published on IssueWire means syndication on the company’s site, consisting of hundreds of industry-leading websites.

The company also believes in a quick turnabout, following which the editorial team only takes even less than 24 hours to review the press release. For each submitted press release, the website provides a downloadable PDF report, helping clients track the dashboard data along with the media list where the content was distributed. This report also brings the total press release reach and the demographic location of readers. There are a total of four packages for press release distribution- Tier 1 PR Distribution, Tier 2 PR Distribution, Tier 1 Pro distribution, and Tier 2 Pro distribution package.

As mentioned earlier, the desired results can only be reached if the writing and distribution are equally good. IssueWire also has a team of professional PR writers who can craft the announcements just the way its clients require. So start your journey today and grow your brand awareness with IssueWire.

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