Effective US-based Free Press Release Service for Your Business

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Press releases are the most popular and highly functional way to keep your news to your audience. To acquire the best free press release service you can follow simple steps.

Free Press Release Service

There are too many opportunities that you can bank to gain productivity, but to attain success you will have to work more in the marketing field. Every business can if it reaches the target audience but, to attain that audience you will have to work on your distribution. Many press release sites can help you but to know which one is the best you have to research for yourself effectively. There are two types of press release sites; the first one is an all-in-one PR platform and PR exclusive website. Whichever platform you choose you need to make sure that, the platform has the following measures:

  • Cost-effective, as for a budding business spending a fortune on a press release campaign is not necessary.
  • Wide Media Coverage, as you are looking for a large distribution range and a detailed free press release service can help you to reach your target audience effectively.
  • Targeted Distribution, to reach your target audience.
  • Mobile-friendly Distribution, to acquire as many eyes as possible.
  • Multimedia Embedding Option, to increase the outlook of the press release and it will also increase the attentiveness of the press release.

Acquiring the best service for your press release will allow you to gain more attention and also allow you to reach your audience effectively. If you search for press release distribution then you will find assorted options that will gain more attention for your services and at the same time it will help you reach your potential customer. Here are some prolific free PR distributors that you can consider for your next distribution.

1. IssueWire

They offer press releases to be distributed over 150 newswire sites. Along with their free press release service, they also have four PR distribution packages which will allow you to gain a profound foothold in this industry. They offer guaranteed placements on websites that are affiliated with Google, Google News, Yahoo, Bing, and Apple News inclusion. Here are some features that are available on their website:

  • They have a free plan for your PR distribution
  • Their press release distribution packages start from $21 per press release
  • Embedded multimedia in your press release
  • Search engine optimization
  • RSS feeds
  • Social media distribution
  • Details distribution analytics
  • Advanced Targeting
  • PR writing services
  • Customer support via email and live chat
  • They are associated with over 100 media partner websites

They are one of the most popular press release distribution services which will offer thriving results for your business. They also provide writing services which can be extremely effective for your press release distribution. They have several features which can be widely effective for a budding business. Even their highest distributive service will cost $65 only.

2. PRLeap

They also offer paid and free press release distributions for a business. This is a free press release distribution site that will not just allow you to gain more footholds but also it will work on your wide-range distribution. Here are some key features that you will acquire from their services.

  • Free PR services are available
  • Lowest paid press release services are available from $135 onwards
  • They offer same-day distribution
  • Wide range distribution
  • Advanced targeting and customized distribution capabilities
  • Photos inclusions
  • Optimized for all devices
  • Social sharing options

These features are widely user-friendly and will also allow you to get more attention to your releases. The more you want for your press release it can gain traction which will get you to reach your target audience. They deliver on time and if you want to reach your audience on the very same day then they might be the best option.

3. PRLog

They will distribute your press release to assorted websites which will give you a lot of exposure and they also offer the opportunity of instant approval of your press release regardless of the topic of the press release. Yet, they will only work on two press releases per day from a single client. If you are going for a mass distribution then they might not be a good option otherwise if you are willing to gain nuanced distribution in a single or two topics then you can easily go for their services. Here are some perks that you can gain from this service:

  • They have a Free Plan
  • The basic price starts from $29 per PR
  • Easy order process
  • Nation-based distribution
  • Hyper-targeting
  • Customer Support via email and phone
  • Report on the campaign
  • Don’t offer Same-day distribution
  • Easy Scam protection

Previously the platform was free to use but now the platform also offers paid distribution services which include assorted PR distribution services and highly engaging results that will allow you to gain more traction in your business domain. Their most expensive press release paid package is less than $100.

4. OpenPR

They are one of the most reliable press release distribution services that you can acquire for your business. If you are looking for free distribution then you might not be able to embed any images in that distribution. Their paid services are inexpensive which you can use to elevate your press release façade. Here are some features that might entice you and turn out to be extremely beneficial for your PR campaign.

  • Free press release available
  • Their paid press release distribution packages start from $19
  • Search engine distribution
  • You can include images in your paid press release distribution
  • Email spam protection
  • Online customer support is available
  • NO distribution reports
  • NO press release writing services

You might need to write your own press release but they will deliver prompt distribution for your press release. Businesses of all sizes can acquire these services which will allow you to gain more audience and effectively reach your target audience. The user-friendly login process for this PR distributor can allow you to more attention and better future aspects for your business.

Choosing a service will help you to gain more audience and it will also determine how widely your press release can reach. Based on what you are looking for you can choose the services that suit your requirements.