Learn How To Promote Your Music on Spotify in 6 Simple Ways


There is no doubt that Spotify is current the biggest platform for music around the world. Let’s find out how to  promote your music on Spotify in simple yet effective ways

promote your music on Spotify

Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming platforms in the world right now. This global front-runner accounts for 31% of all music streaming service subscribers which makes it the largest and most influential platform to create a loyal and organic fan base. This streaming platform is currently getting more competitive than ever as many emerging artists are getting introduced through the platform on a regular basis. If you are a struggling music artist on the platform as well, it is time to find out how to promote your music on Spotify effectively which allows you to stand out.

6 Simple Ways of Promoting Spotify Music

1. Spotify for Artists

First of all, you are not just a user on Spotify but an artist whom other users can listen to. Therefore, you have to claim your Spotify for Artists profile first which offers a fair share of advantages by offering tools, insights, and a direct connection with the DSP or digital service providers. Getting verification on this profile adds a blue tick beside your artist name and that is what proves that you are a valid and verified artist who is producing original songs. Spotify for Artists is mandatory for your promotional approaches.

2. Keep the Profile Clean

No listeners want to check an artist’s profile if it’s cluttered and hard to make sense. That is why having a clean profile is a must. Make sure to upload tracks with proper information and under the right project to create a well-oriented profile that does not mix up album projects, EPs, and single projects altogether. Also, make sure to create a bio and add proper pictures that help to embrace your brand as a music artist.

3. Visual Pleasure

You might have already seen that Spotify’s user interface comes with a certain aesthetic that makes it unique and offers users a different music experience. While you might be surprised, an artist’s account that is comprised of ample visual elements is more likely to garner attention from the audiences rather than profiles with no pictures at all. Add profile pictures, cover pictures, album cover, single cover, your own photos in bio, etc. These elements not only make it attractive but also help listeners to find you and your music projects. You can also use the special feature of Canvas that plays video clips on a loop when a song is being played. This can help to engage more audiences and improve conversion rate.

4. SEO Practices

No matter what kind of promotion you are proceeding with, SEO or search engine optimization always stays at the top of your priorities. You can also utilize it for Spotify promotion by incorporating keywords in the bio, project names, and other sections that improve visibility. Make sure to connect with your social media accounts which helps to draw more attention from the online users. It can also significantly increase the rate of share of online engagement which is a good sign for the algorithm on the platform.

5. Collaboration

Collaboration is an old and proven trick of promotion where you can join forces with another music artist and both of you can tap into each other audience base to improve it. It is a win-win situation for both or more artists who have teamed up for a particular project.

6. Pitch the Playlist Creators

Playlist creators curate songs based on the theme, genre, or mood of their playlists and you can be a part of it too. Simply search for playlists that feature songs, similar to your style and genre. Find the creators of the playlist and pitch them personally via email so that your songs can get featured too.

Bottom Line

While these promotional tactics can put you at a fair advantage, it is best you can do it from your side. If you need a more impactful promotion for your career, it is best to hire a professional agency that can take off everything and you can focus on your musical creations.

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