Recent Cover Track ‘Bano- Cover’ by San Francisco World Music Artist Jayce Langoodi is Out Now

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The San Francisco World Music Artist Jayce Langoodi’s newest track ‘Bano- Cover’ has got the groovy beats and catchy tunes that you will need for refreshment.

Jayce Langoodi

Old Iranian folk has got that classical touch and emotion that creates an enchanting experience for the audience. Think that classical and traditional Iranian music is blended with modern-day music and enlivening drum beats. If you find this concept interesting, then you will definitely love the San Francisco World Music Artist, Jayce Langoodi’s music. Recently the artist has released a brand new cover track of an old folk song Bano- Coverwhich has the perfect fusion of old and new Iranian folk music. The artist has been making music for quite some time now but it has not been long since he started to release these musical pieces on social platforms.

This cover track, ‘Bano- Cover’ follows a theme of sadness and melancholy that tells a story of a person losing the love of his life and letting that love go. The World Music artist has shown immense caliber by adding a modern twist to this narration by just adding a few musical arrangements. The ‘donbak’ drum beats that this up-and-coming star has learned over a period of 3 years recorded the music in his studio. This makes the cover track so enchanting, lighting up the entire room with its energy. The vocals also played an integral part in making it addictive. You can listen to the other songs such as ‘Roody’s Mahi And Jayce”s Percussion’, ‘Taha-with Jayce on Percussion-BavarMkon-fincut’, ‘Dast latest mix Jayce vocal drums’ by Jayce Langoodi which are available on Soundcloud.

Just go for this track ‘Bano- Cover’ by Jayce Langoodi: