The release of ¨De Villa Juana A La Havana¨ represents a family connection evoked through the rhythm of Son Cubano

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Miami, Florida May 12, 2022 ( – The release of ¨De Villa Juana A La Havana¨ represents the family connection of the producers’ Robles and Suarez evoked through the rhythm of Son Cubano

 Olé Communication- Music producers Peter Michael Robles Jr. and Reinaldo Suarez aka “Mr.King” pay homage to their roots with the release of an instrumental album titled “De Villa Juana a La Havana ”, which is available on all digital platforms. The album is comprised of eight original musical compositions and arrangements set in two emblematic places full of tradition as mentioned in the album title, where the rhythm of “Son” is still enjoyed. Son Cubano is a style of Afro-Cuban music that forms the bedrock for most forms of salsa music and Latin jazz today.

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“De Villa Juana A La Havana” which translates to “From Villa Juana To Havana” makes a historical journey through the recollection of its producers. For his part, Peter Michael Robles Jr. pays tribute to his best friend and father Don Pedro Robles, it represents that great relationship between father and son, evoking the happy moments they shared during his father’s life by dancing and listening to this captivating genre. “My father danced with my mother on many occasions in Villa Juana, a historic place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic where you can still listen to this contagious music that originated in Cuba,” says Robles.

Reinaldo “Mr. King” Suarez, a native of Cuba, joins Robles in evoking the same feeling and reminisces the days when his grandparents and godparents listened to the Cuban “Son”: “We want to show the new generations the music that was present in our childhood and at the same time pay homage to our families, which are the most valuable thing we have in life¨, “Mr. King” explains.


The album was recorded between Miami, Havana Cuba, and Mexico, at Cima Music studios and was released on the anniversary of the passing of Don Pedro Robles from leukemia. April is a month when ¨Mr. King´s´grandmother and Peter’s mother also have birthdays, ¨This is a very special month for us, and we have put all our passion and dedication into this album in order to honor our families with danceable melodies¨, explains the Cuban producer.

This album is released under the Aquos Music label and will feature two music videos recorded in Villa Juana and Havana. The title of each song is accompanied by a feeling that evokes the love of both producers towards members of their respective families and the era marked by a very particular musical tradition, a time of joy that maintains the spiritual aura of its protagonists.

Part of the proceeds from the sales & streaming of this album will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of Pedro Robles Collado.


Track List:

  • Don Pedro Robles

(In honor of Peter´s father)

  • Mami Denny

(In honor of Peter´s grandma)

  • Clara Anselma

(In honor of Mr.King´s grandma)

  • Mi Jabá Angiolina

(In honor of Peter´s mother)

  • Isabel Gonzales

(In honor of Mr.King´s godmother)

  • Osvaldo Lazaro

(In honor of Mr.King´s grandfather)

  • Maria Lara

(In honor of Mr.King´s great aunt)

  • Mi Rey Enrique

(In honor of Peter´s son)

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