How to get featured in a music blog?


There are a lot of steps for a musician to reach the audience. Get in touch with a music blogger and get a chance to get fame with a simple music blog submission.

music blog submission

Music blog sites play an important role for every new artist to get recognition and fame. It is now very difficult for emerging artists to reach the listeners. The music blog sites help new musicians to reach the audience and showcase their work. But it is not easy to get featured on a renowned blog site and cut through the noise and get heard.

There are some useful ways to get featured on a blog site, that are-

Reach out to a blogger:

Acquire some knowledge about some music blog sites. Research about the blog site’s previous works, and check out the artists who have gotten benefitted from the blog site. Explore those blog sites that publish about the same genre of music. so the blogger also gets interested to feature a new artist in their blog.

Create new content:

Making new music would be helpful. People are not interested to listen to the same old songs. Everyone wants to try out music that is different than any other. So making the same old song won’t be beneficial for the blogger or the artist. So the better will be if the artists make a different kind of track. And it has been shown that by releasing a fresh song on a blog artist get success.

Music blog type:

There is a wide range of music blog sites. It is always important to make sure to submit the information to the right blogger. If the style or the genre of music is different apart from the blog site then it will not work. So gather the proper information on where to approach.

Write a bold e-mail:

Bloggers receive thousands of e-mails daily. So it is quite difficult to get their attention. It can be difficult but not impossible. Write an impressive and informative e-mail so it intrigues the blogger to know more about the artist’s work. And if there is something special to offer then the artist is always instructed to add that in the e-mail.

Provide an audio track:

Not only writing about the song isn’t sufficient enough. Attach an audio track with e-mail so it gets easier for the blogger to understand the song and the artist. If the bloggers like the content of the artist then by a music blog submission the artists get featured in the blog.

A brief description of work:

Where everyone is busy in their work no one has time to read elaborated pieces of writings. So when writing the mail the artist should always describe the song in a brief but impressive way. The key is to achieve the attention of the blogger with just a few lines.

Relationship building:

Networking and building relationships are other ways to know about the industry. With no clue of the field, it is quite impossible to establish. To build connections follow bloggers, writers who post about music blogs. Follow their content and get to know about their work, so it is easier to find out by approaching which blogger the work will get done.