Upcoming Artist Kbschris’s New Song ‘Life’ Is an Exemplary Course of Hip Hop and Rap Styles


Kbs Soicy

Hip hop is making a comeback in the limelight once again as more and more artists are taking up that path of creative expression. Upcoming music artist KbsChris is ecstatic and excited to have come out with his debut song, ‘Life’ in collaboration with fellow musician, KbsSoicy. The song not only presents the spontaneity and outspokenness of the genre but also establishes the artist as potential names contributing to the subsequent evolution of hip hop in the years to come. Their lyrical and thematic transparency translates into the exclusive verses that follow the progression of captivating rhythmic patterns. The production of the song is homegrown making the whole experience much more relatable and understandable to the audience. From the beginning till the end, the audience will be hooked to their rapping skills and more and find a beautiful resonance in their thematic saga.

The song ‘Life’ by KbsChris as the name suggests take takes the audience on a path of reality. Life is not always kind is what the song’s central theme speaks of as the artist shares the stories of his struggles, trials, and tribulations that life has thrown at him. His spontaneity is not just visible in his performance but also in his collective personality that drives the track towards creative fulfillment. He is just starting out as a young rapper with a long way to go. His music retains meaning and purpose and does not stand just for showcasing the glamor of the industry. His rawness and depth make for an astounding number as he continues to expand his soundscape with new story-telling and production patterns. If you would like to enhance your playlist with the latest hip-hop beats, follow him on YouTube right away.

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