Onlive Server launched Cost-Effective Israel VPS Hosting with Higher Secured Control Panel Features

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Israel VPS Server

Onlive Server is providing Israel VPS Server Hosting which is a high-quality Ashdod date center-based server. Our Higher Secured control panel offers you complete control over your server and the ability to choose your own operating system.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jerusalem, Israel May 28, 2022 ( – Our Israel VPS Server Hosting packages offer multiple IP addresses, which will allow you to create the websites, email accounts, and databases that your company needs without having to share resources with anyone else on our network or having to pay any additional fees. The main benefit of using a VPS server over other solutions is its flexibility. You don’t need to worry about setting up the hardware or managing it yourself because it’s done by our experts. You can also make changes to your website whenever you want without any disruption in service. It’s also easy to scale up or down depending on your needs at any time of the year.


VPS servers are a great choice if you need a reliable and scalable solution that can be managed by your own IT staff. With Israel VPS Server hosting, you have full access to your server and can control it completely. You can make any changes to the configuration of software on the machine and set up firewalls to protect your data from unauthorized intrusion.


Israel VPS Server

If you are looking for a virtual private server, Onlive Server is the right option for you. We offer a wide range of flexible plans that can be customized to suit your needs. With our customer-oriented approach, we will ensure that your requirements are met and we do not compromise on the quality of services offered to our clients. Our state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support will help you get started with your VPS hosting plan without any hassles.


Israel VPS hosting has been proven as a better option over dedicated servers as it has many advantages. One of its main advantages is that it saves money to you as it requires much lesser hardware investment. In addition, you also save space since you have control over your server’s hardware and will be able to add new hardware or remove older hardware at any time if need be. Israel VPS Hosting allows complete root access and flexibility with a user-friendly control panel making administration easier than ever before. Onlive Server offers both Windows and Linux-based Virtual Private Servers in Israel, with powerful Intel Xeon processors, and DDR3 memory.


Important Features About VPS

A cheap VPS Server is used by both small and large businesses worldwide because of its flexibility and security. Israel VPS Server differs from shared web hosting in that a single server may be partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each running its own operating system and applications. For example, our powerful Best VPS Hosting offers full root access to a fully dedicated operating system with control over how you configure your specific hardware allocation. The result is increased control, better performance, and superior data security with fewer server administration hassles. Without any additional software or hardware to purchase or maintain, every part of your enterprise network runs right on your dedicated server.

 Onlive Server is a virtual private server that is suitable for all kinds of businesses. This server is not only easy to maintain but also very affordable.


The Following Are Some of The Important Features Of VPS Hosting:

  • It offers you complete control over your hosting environment. You can install any software, including non-standard applications, to make it work as per your needs.
  • You have full root access to all files and folders on your own dedicated partition. This gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with the server without worrying about breaking anything or causing any issues in other people’s accounts.
  • You can get started with any operating system, such as Windows or Linux-based operating systems, as they offer several different types of OS options for their users so that they can choose the one which suits them the best depending on their needs and requirements.
  • You get complete support 24/7 from Onlive Server which ensures that if anything goes wrong with your account or if there are any technical issues related to it then they will be resolved immediately without any hassle on your part at all!


Additional Features

Onlive Server has many additional features and functionalities that help you to manage your server more efficiently. Some of these are:


About Linux And Windows Operating System

Linux Operating System – Linux is one of the most popular operating systems and it has been in use for decades now. Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and was first released as free software in 1992 with only 386 processor supports. The latest versions of Linux are available for almost all platforms including PC, Mac OS X, and smartphones such as Android and iOS devices, etc.


Some list of Linux Operating System:- Ubuntu, Debian,  CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Gentoo, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Scientific Linux, CloudLinux,  Elementary OS, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Manjaro, Oracle Linux, Slackware, Mageia, Clear Linux, Rocky Linux,  AlmaLinux, Asahi Linux, Lubuntu,  SUSE Linux, Knoppix,  VzLinux, Peppermint OS, Zorin OS, BlackArch Linux.


Windows Operating System – Windows is a series of operating systems developed by Microsoft. The first version of Windows was Windows 1.0, which was released in 1985 as part of the Microsoft MS-DOS. Microsoft has a long history of using its flagship operating system in its branding, marketing, and naming of products.


Know about New Database, and Control Panel

Some New Database with Israel VPS Hosting – Our Database service offers a highly reliable, secure, and scalable platform for you to build and deploy applications. We have built-in features that guarantee high availability, system back-ups, disaster recovery, and 24×7 monitoring to ensure your data is always safe and available.

List of Database: – SAP HANA, DB2, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle 12c.

Best Web Hosting, and Control Panels – Web Hosting, also known as Hosting Apache and Control Panels, is a type of web server capable of serving multiple websites from one computer. Each website is its own individual directory residing on the server and uses it for storing all its files (HTML, CSS, images) and other custom data.

List of Control Panels:- cPanel, Seekapanel, Plesk, Webmin, Vest Control Panel, DirectAdmin, i-MSCp, Ajenti, Froxlor, ISPmanager, Zpanel, InterWorx, Sentora, BlueOnyx, Virtualmin, CentOS WebPanel, and AlternC.

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