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Blockchain technology is a need but access is only given to few. Therefore, ANB blockchain is providing access to everyone and not only one by lowering the gas fees and providing a Scan, Testnet, Wallet, and DEX-bridge-Multichain in one chain.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Dec 22, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – On January 5, 2022, at 12:00 pm UTC, ANB Blockchain (Access Next Blockchain) will set its launch to the public. ANB Blockchain is a product of a community that had been into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, for almost 6 years on trading and experiences combined, the community behind this blockchain project lose a lot more than gaining. 

Blockchain technology is new to the public eye and it is complicated to learn especially if you have little knowledge about it. People only hype the financial aspects of it in economics but never mention the risk factor of it upon the scenario. This means that as a blockchain you have a right to take control and responsibility for the project being deployed within your chain but most blockchain technologies right now never take that measure. Allowing rug-pull projects deployed on your chain is a bit unethical reason is always advised to “DYOR” or “Do Your own Research” but still, as a blockchain, you have the right to protect your investors. 

Blockchains has different purpose different functions and vision so thus ANB Blockchain

ANB Blockchain is layer 2 with an enhanced architecture and security.

IBFT (Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant) Consensus Protocol, Bonsai Tries Data Storage, Advance Proof-of-Stake is Proof-of-Authority, Permission-less, On-chain Governance and has the Lowest Gas Fee nearly Zero.

ANB Blockchain will reshape the future of blockchain technology and implement the real use of blockchain technology. For blockchain is a system and a platform where people can develop projects that are useful, companies can deploy tokens to support their company’s financial status quo. ANB Blockchain encourages everyone to learn the right use of blockchain technology and make it meaningful full with a purpose. 

ANB Blockchain is ready to set. ANB Testnet, Scan, Wallet, and DEX-Bridge-Multichain projects are almost done and can be used by January 2022. ANB Blockchain will have its ICO and IEO to place the ANB Coin in exchanges. SInce ANB Blockchain is for the community, the ICO amount set for the public is 30 million

Hence, ANB Blockchain is a community blockchain from which you can benefit. Support ANB Blockchain for this is your way to trade. Access is given and access is already granted. Let us bring ANB to exchanges so that we can have a blockchain that has a heart for the community and has a vision and plans for everyone.


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