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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Washington, D.C, Nov 25, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – During the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has been very challenging for elected officials and their constituents to connect. GovText from iConstituent is a revolutionary way for elected officials to create an open dialog with their constituents in real-time.  Using SMS, elected officials can broadcast critical messages, create townhalls, and interact one-on-one with citizens in their districts, quickly and effectively with personal, impactful messages.  

A member of the Illinois State Legislature was one of the first government officials to deploy GovText.  His office was able to communicate with 66,000 of its constituents immediately.  In response, they received over 6,000 messages from constituents who appreciated the effort and were comforted by the text messages’ content. This provided a new virtual channel to collect information on concerns that were especially helpful to staff’s remote work needs. The office efficiently responded to 417 requests for help with additional follow up and agency referral.

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With a 93% read rate within the first five minutes of delivery, officials can use GovText to communicate with tens of thousands of their constituents in real-time. GovText leverages existing text messaging interfaces to minimize training and staff required.  Staff can use auto-tagging and response scripting with existing constituent databases to ensure constituent’s concerns are addressed regardless of the platform. GovText is secured using government communication protocols, so that constituent’s messages are always protected.  

With the shift to digital communication, new methods to streamline interactions with constituents is critical. Organizations like iConstituent are working to bridge the digital gap by developing software to help elected officials and local governments communicate with their constituents.

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