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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Soldotna, Alaska Nov 7, 2022 ( – Nativo is a project created for the community, and this is in its initial conception, as well as in the code that maintains its services.

Best NFT Platforms in Mexico

Astro DAO will be the technological infrastructure that maintains the Native DAO.

What is Native DAO ?????

Nativo DAO is a technological tool, community, and governance system that will allow Nativo NFT to migrate to full decentralization.

Nativo NFT thinks of its community as part of it, and thanks to blockchain technology it is possible to do this with real events, Nativo DAO and the $NTV governance token are proof of this.

How does governance work?

Roles in Native NFT

  • Owner/DAO account: This is the address that can call the governance methods and in this case, it will be a DAO so that it can go through the community consensus
  • Treasury account: That keeps the tokens generated by the marketplace.
  • Secondary Market Accounts: Those who are allowed to mine and list their NFT’s within Nativo NFT.

Current contract parameters

  • Payment for collection creation: 0.05 NEAR
  • Payment for creation of new NFT: 0.05 NEAR
  • Payment for the sale of an NFT: 0.01 NEAR
  • Royalty payment for authors: 10%
  • Commission for buying and selling: 3%

What can the Native DAO government do?

Within the functionalities that the government of the Native DAO can carry out.

In the Native Marketplace contract:

  • Stop the sale of NFTs
  • Update the contract.
  • Change the amount to pay for collection creation.
  • Change the amount to pay for the creation of NFTs.
  • Commissions for buying and selling.
  • Change contract owner.
  • Change contract treasury account.
  • Add minter contracts to the Native Marketplace WL.

In the Nativo Minter contract, which is in charge of mining NFTs, the governance will be able to:

  • Stop NFT mining
  • Update the contract.
  • Change contract owner.

Phase 1: Governance Council

In the first phase, the development team will elect a governance council that will vote on the Native DAO proposals, this council will be made up of members of the main development team.

Phase 2: Governance Token $NTV

The Nativo Token $NTV is the governance token that will allow its holders to vote within the Nativo DAO, the Nativo Token will be distributed to the community through the interaction of its users with the Nativo marketplace.

The Astro DAO team has made a great effort in recent months to make voting for tokens possible through its graphical interface, however, it is still under development. As soon as it is feasible to move from phase 1 to phase 2, the decision to migrate will be made.


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