3D Cell Patterning: Overcoming The Defects of Traditional Culture Methods

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Nov 2, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Creative Bioarray, one of the leading biotechnology products and services providers, is committed to meeting customers’ needs with high-quality products and services at a reasonable price. With the latest technology of cell patterning and a professional scientist team, Creative Biaorray is capable to provide comprehensive services and customized solutions to support and promote life science and drug research and development. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its flagship 3D cell patterning services in order to manufacture tissue engineering constructs and develop organ chips.

Creative Bioarray provides 3D cell patterning services based on Cell Patterning. This service can help overcome the shortcomings of traditional culture and realize 3D cell culture. In addition, Creative Bioarray can also provide drug screening services based on 3D cell models, which can greatly speed up the research process. 

At present, the development of microphysiological systems has made great progress. These systems require us to accurately replicate the complexity and functionality of animal and human physiology. 3D cell patterning is a key technology to address this challenge. Physiologically relevant models created by Creative Bioarray’s 3D cell patterns can provide key insights into physiological or pathological processes relevant to health maintenance and disease control, and serve as a powerful platform for cell biology research, tissue engineering research, new drug development, toxicity screening.

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Creative Bioarray has leading technology in creating functional 3D patterns in hydrogels, which are attractive materials that resemble natural extracellular matrices. 3D cellular patterns are defined as the biofunctional heterogeneity located inside the hydrogel, thereby defining the biochemical and structural features of the hydrogel space. Available methods mainly include light, chemical design, microfluidics, 3D printing, and non-contact forces involving electric, magnetic, and acoustic fields or themselves.

Creative Bioarray’s 3D cell patterning technology allows the generation of homogeneous, reproducible, and functional spheroids and organoids. These models can simulate the function, structure, and structure of cells in vivo, reconstructing physical and chemical cues of the internal environment, and the complex interactions between cells and their microenvironment. In addition, Creative Bioarray’s technology is not only 3D cell culture, but also can use 3D cell models to provide customers with further research, and physicochemical clues, reconstruct the in vivo environment and more accurately predict the efficacy or toxicity of drug treatment.

“Our team has comprehensive experience in designing the most appropriate patterning for various cell types and developing more physiologically relevant cell models and analysis.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “We can provide reliable and repeatable physiological related models in vitro to accelerate your cell biology research and drug development process.”

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Creative Bioarray is dedicated to offering customers innovative biotechnology products and services for research use to greatly enhance and drive innovation and standards in science. As a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience and in-house expert support, Creative Bioarray has already countenanced research all around the world.

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