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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Sep 9, 2022 ( – GameFi and P2E are the product of traditional gaming meet blockchain. It combines the winning competition mechanics of classic games with the new Defi and NFT crypto technologies. Players can gain new opportunities and ownership of “items” in the game through GameFi for trading, hospitality, rental, shopping, etc. These are the well-known games today that even GTA, FIFA, and other games can not do. While bringing us impact and shock, it also stimulates us to think about the future of the intertwined concepts of games, blockchain, and metaverse.

Now, the future is already here. The Snake Dao P2E game has started to appear in people’s eyes. 10000+ snakes NFT, streamlined game mode, super game attributes, etc., all tell us that Snake Dao, the pinnacle of casual games, is back.

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What is the core gameplay of Snake Dao?


Like playing the Snake game with a Nokia 20 years ago, Snake Dao can be accessed using a cell phone or a computer. By sliding the screen or manipulating the mouse to control the snake’s movement in the interface, you can continuously obtain food to enhance the snake’s length in various scenes and settle the rewards according to the snake’s length at the end of the game.


Synthesize high-quality snakes. Players are free to choose to use the synthesized or bred snakes as NFTs and sell them on the market to earn tokens or continue to use them as materials to synthesize higher-quality snakes.


Snake Dao has five types of snakes: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Legendary, so having a higher grade snake means more advantages in the game.

Snake Dao supports TokenPocket, Bitkeep, and Metamask digital wallets on all terminals and Trust Wallet and Imtoken special on cell phones, making it easy to start your snake journey. Now, Snake Dao will be available soon, and the first round of whitelists is coming in hot!

This whitelist will release 200 spots with up to $100 + 90 Scoin bonuses simply by completing the tasks below:

  • Follow SnakeDAO on Twitter –
  • Quote this tweet post and tag 10 legit friends
  • Comment, “I will get my Snakes!”
  • Get your friends to do the same and win extra USDT + Scoin

What are you waiting for? You’re all that’s left!

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