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How to accept Crypto Currencies in my store?
A guide to getting paid in USDT and Bitcoin

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Hollywood, California Aug 26, 2022 ( – I will explain to you basically how to accept cryptocurrencies(USDT Tether) on your e-commerce web pages. There are many third-party apps designed for this process. But one is different from the others because it accepts only USDT Tether Stable coin.

Tether USDT and Bitcoin are the most popular coins in the crypto world but how to accept USDT and Bitcoin in your store this crypto as payment.

Cryptocurrency payments are innovative and secure now. You can use cryptocurrencies as a payment method in your store or accept donations.

Payid19 is the best crypto payment gateway you can accept USDT and Bitcoin easily with it.

You can register in 2 minutes, integrate API and start to accept USDT.

If you can use woocommerce it has a plugin for you.

How to install and other problems you may have are answered on the frequently asked questions and Developer Pages.

The Use of Tether USDT in Payid19

Payid19: Crypto Payment Gateway has pioneered the way for cryptocurrency payments and has become a global leader in cryptocurrency payment processing.

Payid19 supports Tether USDT on Trc-20(Protocol of Tron), Bep-20(Protocol of Binance Smart Chain), and Erc-20(Protocol of Ethereum) protocols.

To accept payments in Tether USDT install the Payid19: crypto payment gateway plugin on your platform. Payid19 supports popular open-source platforms such as WordPress and Php.

Accept Tether USDT on the website helps businesses to focus on the trends and to provide for current and potential customers. You can protect your growth by delivering a payment service that your competitors may not be offering, that’s giving you the edge.

What are the pros of to others? supports Usdt(Usd Tether) on Ethereum(high fee, avg 20$ ), Tron(very low fee), and Binance Smart Chain(very low fee) at the same time.


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