Creative Peptides Delivers Phage Display Services with Versatile Peptide Library

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Aug 1, 2022 ( – Creative Peptides delivers phage display services with a versatile phage peptide library, hoping to assist researchers in jumpstarting peptide drug screening. As a peptide-focused and data-driven company, Creative Peptides is dedicated to peptide therapies, from early-stage peptide drug discovery to peptide drug scale-up.

Phage display is a molecular biology technique in which a gene encoding a protein of interest is inserted into a phage coat protein gene. Hence, genetic sequences are expressed in the bacteriophage library that fusion with the bacteriophage coat protein and are displayed on the surface of the viral particle. As a result, the expressed protein corresponded to the genetic sequence of the phage. Using the phage display technique, researchers can rapidly screen new hits or lead compounds such as biologically active peptides, proteins, and receptors.

“Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in phage display technology. We can separate peptides of high affinity and specificity for targets by conducting repeated affinity selection. When you partner with Creative Peptides, our well-trained, friendly, and professional project directors and managers will strive to complete your projects on time with open communication channels and according to your specifications,” the marketing manager at Creative Peptides said.

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Due to the non-negligible advantages of phage display, Creative Peptides highlights the growing use of phage display for high-throughput screening of new hits and lead compounds. Its experts apply phage display to select binding partners from a complex library, committed to contributing to customers’ projects into downstream production, characterization, and development of appropriate biologics according to their demands. For more convenient peptide compound screening, the company has developed a phage display platform with qualified metrics of versatility, efficiency, and safety, allowing researchers to achieve diverse screening purposes.

Based on the robust screening system, Creative Peptides can perform peptide array design and scalable, reproducible photolithographic synthesis of high-quality peptide arrays with a standard operation process. In addition to phage display service, it also offers screening support such as virtual screening, high-content biology, and screening, as well as One-Bead-One-Compound (OBOC) library screening to meet the needs of clients for peptide drug screening on time and within budget.

About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides has been engaged in peptide drug development for over a decade. With the mission to speed up peptide therapies and help partners bring more peptide drugs to the therapeutic market, Creative Peptides provides clients with GMP-compliant peptide synthesis, modification, analysis, peptide drug discovery, and so forth. Its research team follows strict adherence to the GMP and ISO regulations enacted by the US, European, and other international regulatory agencies to support biological drug development and manufacturing activities worldwide.

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