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Insightful, AI-backed tool has ability to create effective ad headlines that drive clicks, based on search keywords

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Holliston, Massachusetts Jul 21, 2022 ( – Today marks the release of a new cutting-edge tool: the Google Headline Optimizer from Poll the People, a leader in pre-live A/B user testing. The Google Headline Optimizer is a web-based tool that takes a user’s Google keyword and generates a list of Google Search ad headlines, using insightful, AI-powered enterprise software. This is the first solution of its kind — a two-pronged approach to launching more effective headlines for Google Search Ads. 

The first prong deals with the keyword. Google recommends that users tie their headlines directly to their keywords. Canadian airline Swoop increased revenue by 71% and conversions by 61% by including its top-performing keywords in its search ads. The Google Headline Optimizer suggestions are generated after having carefully tuned the parameters of the software to take these facts into account. 

The second prong deals with the efficacy of the keyword-based headline suggestions. Poll the People also offers user testing software that produces both qualitative and quantitative feedback on the Google headline options. This serves as a precursor to any live A/B testing with Google by allowing users to improve headlines before launching a campaign. It also eliminates any need to have the significant existing volume on Google to produce statistically significant results. 

“Whether you’re a marketer, design team member, or product manager, the Google Headline Optimizer and accompanying user testing software will allow you to create highly-effective ad copies as well as landing pages, brand messaging, and user interfaces,” said Anna doRosario, one of Poll the People’s founders and product developers. “With the release of this tool, we allow marketing teams to expand important decisions about their ad headlines beyond their small group of creators. Creating effective headlines that drive clicks has never been easier. Or more budget-friendly.” 

The Google Headline Optimizer by Poll the People is also featured on Product Hunt.

Pre-live A/B testing continues to serve as a way for teams to maximize their budgets and optimize user experiences, as market leaders like UserTesting continue to grow. 

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