Chris Lee Is Keeping It Real With His Virtual Mental Health Buddy, Dreamcloud Psychiatry.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Jul 21, 2022 ( – Depression always doesn’t mean when one is crying out loud or has isolated themselves from their home or room. People have many mental health issues and it is not the way we imagine them to be. Mental health issues do not always arise due to some mishap, bullying, grief, or loss. There may be nothing you can put a point on. You might be happy and even feel lonely. But in this era where people have no time for even little things, health issues, especially mental health issues, are neglected. This is where Chris Lee comes into the picture.

Chris knows that the younger generation cares and understands the importance of mental health and what it means in an individual’s life. His motive was to create something for those who don’t have the time to wait in queues for appointments but do care for themselves. He is making it all easy for them. As they are always on their gadgets, a virtual mental health buddy was his idea, as that can be more accessible. 

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Chris Lee is the founder of DreamCloud Psychiatry. He started it in the year 2017. When Lee went to school again to pursue his career in nursing, he was a Baptist Health scholar and worked in an oncology unit at South Miami Hospital. This drew me toward a career in mental health, and I went to NYU to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Through DreamCloud Psychiatry, Lee is trying to change the way mental health providers deliver virtual medical services.

DreamCloud Psychiatry is an online, subscription-based practice that gives patients “unlimited” visits and follow-up care virtually, via cloud, text, email, phone, and through a customized app. We sent all prescriptions electronically anywhere in Florida (and New York). Chris Lee wanted to create a solution to what he calls “one of the telemedicine’s greatest challenges,” which is “keeping it real.”





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