Smile Care Dental Clinic’s Teeth Whitening Indiranagar Boosts Self-Confidence

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bengaluru, Karnataka Jul 5, 2022 ( – People are paying greater attention to their dental health than at any other time. Smile Care Dental Clinic, owned by Dr. Malathi V., is a preferred destination for those seeking gentle dental care. The practice provides services ranging from braces and root canals to teeth whitening at affordable rates.

The rise of social media has been an overwhelming motivator for individuals to have their teeth repaired, straightened, and whitened. Multiple studies have shown that the majority of people choose whitening services to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. Today, a bright white smile is a key factor in the dating world to climbing the corporate ladder. Oral health can also impact overall health.

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The condition of a person’s teeth has been utilized throughout history to distinguish wealth and social class. Today, teeth that are straight and bright white are associated with good health. Studies have shown that people with white smiles are even perceived as being more intelligent. Teeth whitening Indiranagar is achieved by applying a gel bleaching agent and activating it with a laser or pulsed light. Whitening is painless and can last up to three years.

Smile Care Dental Clinic provides care for a wide range of dental needs and each dental care plan is individualized. The dental clinic in Indiranagar performs fillings and provides root canal treatment, and extractions when a tooth can’t be saved. An increasing number of people are seeking braces at the clinic, along with dentures and sophisticated implant dentistry.

Individuals seeking a dentist in Indiranagar are drawn to Smile Care Dental Clinic for its range of services, modern facility, and highly-trained dental specialists. The Clinic is committed to providing gentle, painless treatment. The dental clinic offers a variety of advanced technology and equipment to achieve world-class results for every patient. Flexible hours are offered to accommodate a variety of personal schedules.


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Smile Care Dental Clinic prides itself on its friendly staff, clean facility, and excellent customer service. The caring dental professionals at the Clinic are passionate about what they do and provide many exciting services that leave individuals with a bright, white smile on their faces.


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