Australian Architect Mehrad Nasr’s Art Portrays the Finest Details in the Simplest Drawings

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Melbourne, Australia Jun 20, 2022 ( – With his brilliant concepts and simple approach, Mehrad Nasr is one of the most astonishing artists the world has ever seen. With a knack for creating portraits that depict stories and personalities, the artist has engraved his name at the top of the charts. After discovering a love for painting at a young age, he spent years experimenting and practicing before finding perfection. The artist is world-renowned for his single-line drawings. Mehradlearnedhow to incorporate minimalism in his art and architecture while studying architecture.

The artist started his journey in the art industry back in 2008. He was then an architecture student while working for a graphic design firm, where he created brand identities and designed logos, advertising and marketing materials, and many other things. Mehrad believes that his paintings achieve a level of simplicity without losing meaning. Most of his art pieces are portraits of strangers and other people. While working on a piece, the artist immerses himself in trying to understand what sort of relationship he would have had with them in real life.

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All his drawings are based on his personal experiences depicted using symbolism. The artist believes that a single line can act as a brilliant communication tool for representing a subject. A line can signify many things, qualities, actions, and concepts. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Mehrad embodies each of his drawings with meaning. Now living in Australia, the artist has taken part in several art exhibitions over the last 8 years. In the past few years, his work has become integrated with interior design, user interface design, and web design too.

The artist is planning to incorporate all the knowledge he has gained over the years through his 3D art, 2D illustrations, photographs, and videography. For more information, follow Mehrad on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and

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