“Rise of Elves”,100 Origin Elves sold out in seconds!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Northern Taiwan, Taiwan Jun 16, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – “Rise of Elves” announced earlier today (June 16), that the 72-hour Flash Sale of 100 “Origin Elves” brought more players than expected, which caused the webpage to overload, and transactions on the blockchain temporarily disabled due to stuck transactions. Despite this fact, most of the players were still waiting on the website, as well as for the official announcement regarding the maintenance on the Discord server.

As soon as the maintenance was completed, the limited 100 “Origin Elves” were still sold out in less than 1 hour! Many players poured into the official communities to complain that they can’t get the “Origin Elves”, which shows that players around the world have high expectations for “Rise of Elves”!

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“Rise of Elves” will officially start the Pre-launch Beta Test (NO WIPE) on June 20, 2022 (Mon). In the game, Elves are the core NFTs in the ecosystem. Players can venture into the world with their Elves and win various types of cryptocurrency as rewards. In addition, players can also create different, unique Elves through the “Evolution” system on the official website. These Elves can be traded on the official marketplace, which means players can earn MATIC directly.

This shows that the limited-release “Origin Elves” NFTs are a valuable investment! The uniqueness and rarity of the “Origin Elves” are not just for bragging rights, but also come with a special advantage – all “Origin Elves” can be evolved without consuming any Crystal of Element (COE) after incubation! This is also the reason why they sold out in seconds as soon as the sale started.

In “Rise of Elves”, players can pair two Elves in the Evolution system and create new Elves with unique elements, stats, and parts. Players must use Elves and Heroes to challenge the PVE maps and PVP tournaments. If players can master the cultivation of Heroes and Elves, they can receive great rewards including ROE coins, COE, MBG, and Hero Points by completing the achievements in the PVE stages or winning in the PVP tournaments. All the ROE coins, COE, and MBG can be traded on the marketplace and exchanged for MATIC as profit.

Given the experience that the Genesis Sale of the “Origin Elves” sold out in seconds, the Development Team is actively preparing for the second sale of the “Origin Elves”. It is expected that in order to allow more players who want to invest in “Rise of Elves” to have the opportunity to participate, more “Origin Elves” will be released, and the period of the second sale will also be extended. If you are interested in “Rise of Elves”, stay tuned for more updates and announcements on the Official Community pages!

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