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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Pune, Maharashtra Jun 13, 2022 ( – At a time when organisations are spoilt for choice and bombarded with a plethora of solutions, it often becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff as the cliché goes. This is especially true of the various software requirements and digital solutions, so critical for business success, in this age of rapidly changing trends and fleeting attention spans. The good old days of websites that remained static for months and even years are long over. Customers today expect something new and interesting even when looking for routine requirements, thanks to digital technologies that have raised expectations for innovative experiences. ESSGEEKS capitalises on these expectations to provide unique digital solutions for customer service applications that yield results.

Whatever the need – software development, web applications, or Windows apps – ESSGEEKS can develop solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing data systems and are capable of sharing seamless output. Data is a much-used term today, but often least understood in the absence of appropriate analytics, thereby missing a great opportunity. The ESSGEEKS vision is to deploy scalable and agile solutions capitalising on the insights hidden in the data that are rarely used, missing what the customer expects but is unable to explain. The mission is to use these insights to deliver what the customers want, by developing appropriate software applications and fulfil those expectations.

“Data can be used for efficient monitoring and the trends can be used to predict failures, improve the production process and also use for training. Our software solutions are engineered to deliver results based on these analytics. We use the data generated from customer interactions to understand the shortcomings in your products and services, take remedial actions and improve customer retention,” Tushar Maladkar, Director, and Chief Executive, ESSGEEKS.

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The services offered by ESSGEEKS are based on Data Cleansing to eliminate the irrelevant and repetitive parts, and Data Migration to a platform of choice, on-premises or cloud. It offers multiple services and solutions around business intelligence, data analytics, data visualisation, and everything in between, using the no-code or low code attributes of the Power Platform for rapid development of an app, improving/automating an application’s workflow, or enhancing data visualisation and analysis.

“ESSGEEKS positions itself as the ideal service partner for companies that wish to leverage the power of these emerging technologies to unleash their true potential and deliver unique customer experiences,” adds Mr. Maladkar. The scope of services includes mobile application development, IT software development, software application development, and engineering software development.

ESSGEEKS is promoted by a group of engineering professionals with nearly two decades of legacy in successfully delivering and maintaining engineered software solutions. The highly experienced team, with Engineers First as its call sign, packs hundreds of years of collective experience in this endeavour, to strike at the roots of the problem, however intractable it seems.

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