Fantastic initiative of Swapnasathi Foundation to bring children back to school.


(Spin Digit Editorial):- Baduria, West bengal May 19, 2022 ( – Two years of the Covid-19 epidemic, when schools in West Bengal were closed for most of the day, have had a profound effect on the learning ability of school-going children. The ‘Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) West Bengal 2021’ has revealed that less than 30% of the students studying in the third grade can read from the second standard. The situation was relatively good in the upper class but it is still a matter of concern because less than 50% of the students in the fifth grade can read the text from the second grade and about 70% of the students studying in the eighth grade can read the text in the second grade. This is the latest estimate of the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on school children. Schools are currently on summer vacation. As a result, the physical and mental development of children is being hampered again.

With this in mind, Swapanasathi Foundation has taken an innovative initiative that is the first of its kind in West Bengal and India. The Swapanasathi Foundation has organized a summer workshop from May 12 to 14 at Paschim Joynagar JC High School, West Bengal. In this 3-day camp, there was training in singing, dancing, drama, sports, drawing as well as making different types of beverages.  This is the effort of the Swapanasathi Foundation to make school dropouts school-oriented. A group of young people is carrying out big-budget activities not with arrogance but with confidence. On the first day of S Swapanasathi’s summer camp, although the weather was not so kind,  the attendance rate of the children was eye-catching. They are very happy to participate in various workshops. The camp begins with yoga and ends with a mid-day lunch service.

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 Sourav Das, the Founder and President of the foundation, said, “Which song can be made ready in two days? Again, those who have never played sa re ga ma pa dha sa, they have never seen the harmonium played, were singing with joy today. Saina, a class 12 student along with Swapanasathi Foundation’s members played the role of the teacher in Art & Craft workshop.  Some of them will perform lyric dramas in a two-day rehearsal. They have prepared a complete drama script. As a result of this camp, we have been able to send many students to school. We want to organize more such workshops in the future. We have already started two unpaid schools for poor students”  What the children have learned in this 3-day workshop, they have performed in front of many spectators on the last day. They have given a message to society that women should be respected in every field through their beautiful drama. children have painted wonderful pictures on the walls of the whole school. The whole school has been decorated with the help of the Swapanasathi Foundation. Pradeep Kumar Sarkar, the headmaster of the school, said, “The school was closed for almost two years because of Covid. Then when the summer break comes, creativity is awakened by the workshop in the children so that they do not go away from their studies. Swapanasathi has become known as one of the most talked-about and exemplary voluntary organizations in society today by launching free education activities as well as conducting many more innovative projects. They were also awarded Smarak Sammannan 2022 by Sri Ramakrishna Sarada Sebashram for their activities last year. By organizing this workshop, Swapanasathi set a unique example in the heart of society. They also provide each with a certificate of completion of the workshop. Besides, counseling is also organized for their mental development. This has benefited about two hundred students.


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