There is a New CFO in Town! The C-Suite is Forever Changed.

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Jasmine Suazo CFO

Jasmine Suazo, host of the “Girl, Fire Your Boss” podcast is the new CFO in town… Chief Firing Officer that is!

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois May 10, 2022 ( – When you think of CFO, I’m sure Chief Financial Officer comes to mind; however, Jasmine Suazo’s title is new to the C-Suite! The acronym “CFO,” in her eyes, stands for Chief Firing Officer and the role is more important now than ever!

Suazo, the host of the “Girl, Fire Your Boss” podcast, works daily to empower others (women in particular) to become financially independent. She coined the term “after having hundreds of conversations with savvy career women, all asking one simple question: What are the steps for me to go from employee to entrepreneur?” She continues, “Being able to walk away from my corporate career in 2017 gave me the confidence and courage to know that leaving your golden handcuffs won’t be easy, but it can be simple.”

While still unexposed, the term requires great responsibility; Suazo adds, “Being a CFO requires you to take complete ownership over your present and future.”

Boomerang Employees had us fooled; The Great Resignation abounds and “quits” continue to increase. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that “in March, the number of quits edged up to a series high of 4.5 million (+152,000).” Suazo insists the time to quit, especially for women, is now.

“Women are leaving the workforce in record numbers because they want to be in control of their lives,” says Suazo, first-hand attesting to the revolution. Who better the pioneer to usher women into a space of hope and mental relief? She says, “The reality is anyone who is committed to being the CEO of their life is also the CFO of their life. When you realize that you hold the power to create the life that you want to live, you understand that you can hire, fire, and promote accordingly.”

Through her Apple Podcast (also available on various, major podcast streaming networks) “Girl, Fire Your Boss,” Suazo is able to “equip women with actionable steps to have a seamless transition from employee to entrepreneur.” Many have the will but lack the tools and resources. Suazo not only shows you how-to, but “teaches listeners how to confront their fears, gain clarity on whether entrepreneurship is the path for them, and provide them with a blueprint to go from idea > process > product > profit.” The transition is one hundred percent mental and actionable.

Need a Chief Executor in your life? Look in the mirror. Suazo says, “You are responsible for executing your vision and building your own legacy. No one else is going to do this for you so it’s time we stop giving control of our destiny over to employers.” Mental support from an Entrepreneurship Expert & Coach such as Suazo is integral in making a life-changing decision like this… it is not an easy fête. She says, “If you are unhappy in your career and you are willing to meet the demand of your goals – go for it!”

If you are ready to go from employee to entrepreneur and “willing to pay the price of success,” as Suazo says, visit and subscribe to the “Girl, Fire Your Boss” podcast for “skills, systems and strategies” to build your CFO within!

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