BBRC Studios bring Aaron Chang’s artworks to the Metaverse with an exclusive Ivy Boys NFT collection

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We are excited to announce that BBRC Studios has partnered with Aaron Chang, one of the world’s most creative and fashion illustrator, to launch IVY BOYS, an exclusive collection of NFTs.

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The Artist

Aaron Chang is a South Korean creator and illustrator behind IVY BOYS, a dream 4 years in the making. Recently featured in Hypebeast for his collaboration with Percival, Aaron is well known in the creative and fashion scene for his works with Baracuta (Italy), An IVY (Denmark), TVR (Japan), Grocery (Hong Kong), Droledmonsieur (France), Panyter (US) and Attorie (US). He is currently the design director of New Balance Korea.


BBRC Studios

BBRC Studios is a Web3 studio, bridging fashion, art, fashion, culture, and entertainment through collaborations with artists, creators, and brands. On a mission to push the boundaries of technology, innovation, and utility in the Metaverse, BBRC reimagines the future of design, branding, and business to foster identity, community, and more importantly, ownership.  

BBRC Studios is founded by Nelson Yap, also known as @MrGentleApe in the Web3 space. He is a serial entrepreneur and the man behind Benjamin Barker, a premium menswear label with a presence in Australia, South East Asia, and soon, the USA. His first foray into the Metaverse started with CloneX, a collaboration project between RTFKT and Artist, Takashi Murakami which ignited a desire to create BB Recreational Club (BBRC). He recognized the potential for launching collaborative initiatives with creators by combining a group of Web 3.0 professionals with strong expertise in Web 2.0 leadership and governance.

BBRC powerhouse is a global team with decades of experience in tech, crypto, branding, fashion, manufacturing, and community building. CFO Cool KT is the ex-COO of a retail group that manages Adidas, Uniqlo, Topshop, and Ben Sherman. Project Lead, Mr. Haotoshi, is an avid DeFi superuser, investor, trainer, and advisor for NFT projects. Along with specialists in various verticals, the team is confident in building a singular ecosystem to house and empower an emerging class of artists and creators to freely produce powerful and verifiable intellectual properties as a new form of social currency.


The Genesis Project – IVY BOYS

IVY BOYS is a limited-edition collection of 7,777 unique NFT Avatars that gives owners exclusive access to the IVY BOYS UNIVERSE. Created by Aaron Chang, IVY BOYS is inspired by the American Ivy League fashion style and subculture popularized by icons & heritage brands like Paul Newman and Ralph Lauren, and re-adopted by pop icons such as Tyler the Creator and David Beckham.

IVY BOYS NFT collection is characterized by a multitude of 2D timeless fashion pieces, simple backdrops, a pure color palette, and an inclusive representation of cultures, genders, and races. The entire IVY BOYS collection culminates into a character that is incredibly relatable, charming, inclusive, distinct, and stylish. It is a style that is refined, but not pretentious; relaxed, but not sloppy; classic, but not outdated. Above all else, IVY BOYS personify comfort and confidence.

Owners of IVY BOYS will have IP rights, and each IVY BOYS NFT unlocks private membership, IRL experiences, and access to future special projects, airdrops, brand collaborations, and merchandise collections – all of which are collaborative and community-driven.

BBRC strives to provide a variety of resources and assets for utility-enabled PFPs that owners can easily implement and use to recognize one another.

IVY BOYS is a collection that would blend the Metaverse and the real world with coveted limited-edition apparel and collectibles thanks to BBRC’s accumulated experience in fashion and apparel. Imagine creating and producing IVY BOYS fashion for your avatar. This is not only about owning an artwork but opening a door into a world of real utility and value.


The Launch

The Genesis Project – IVY BOYS 7,777 NFT collection is stored as ERC-721A on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on ipfs. It will be available on the 9th of May at 11 am on Opensea, with a maximum of 1 mint per wallet, per address.

Monday, 9 May, 11am – 11pm (EST) at 0.1 ETH (for Allowlist)

Monday, 9 May, – Tuesday, 10 May, 11pm – 5pm (EST) at 0.12 ETH (for Ivy Club Winners)

Tuesday, 10 May, 5am (EST) at 0.12 ETH (for general public)


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