New Mobile App Solution Engages Nonprofit Supporters Through Customized Experiences

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Engage by Charity Dynamics

Engage by Charity Dynamics spotlights your mission and provides organizations the ability to build stronger constituent engagement on the platform supporters prefer most in 2022

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Austin, Texas Apr 7, 2022 ( – Charity Dynamics, a provider of online marketing and fundraising solutions to nonprofits, has announced the release of its newest mobile app solution, Engage by Charity Dynamics, which allows organizations to build and strengthen constituent engagement — all while keeping their mission at the forefront.

Engage by Charity Dynamics allows organizations to reach their supporters where they are, which is increasingly on mobile apps. People are spending up to four hours a day on their phones, with 90% of that time on mobile apps. Through Engage, an organization can offer constituents a customized user experience based on their relationship with the organization and create a space to grow that connection not only with the organization but with like-minded supporters.

Charity Dynamics understands that a nonprofit’s brand is critical when it comes to building those connections and a strong affinity with its supporters. Thus, we built Engage as a white-labeled solution that showcases an organization’s brand, under the name it chooses, on people’s mobile phones. Unlike other apps on the market, Engage puts an organization’s brand front and center to ensure continued brand engagement and loyalty.

Engage offers four key features that will allow an organization’s mission to become part of its constituents’ everyday lives:

  • Personalized user experience. An organization can present stories, forums, activities, and homepage content tailored to each supporter and their connection to the organization.
  • Curated content. An organization can provide timely and relevant stories about its mission, activities, programs, and goals to inspire, educate and connect more deeply with constituents. This includes stories by topic, announcement screens, and targeted push notifications to make sure supporters see the right content at the right time.
  • Customized communities. An organization can organize targeted communities within the app where supporters can connect, learn and share with each other. Individuals can opt into the various communities and participate in the conversation.
  • Activity tracking. Constituents can join together to improve their well-being and raise mission awareness, join challenges and motivate and celebrate each other within the app and on social media.

Engage provides robust reporting and analysis, allowing organizations to evaluate their content to see what resonates and optimize it based on those insights. The app can also be customized for corporate opportunities, including sponsorships, challenges, and dedicated forums, to provide a branded experience to users.

“Engage by Charity Dynamics is an exciting new way for organizations to create both personalized and mission-focused app experiences for their constituents — all in the palm of their hand,” said Meghan Dankovich, general manager of Charity Dynamics. “Through the app, organizations will be able to nurture their relationships with their supporters, bring their mission to life through customized and curated content, and foster engagement by connecting people to each other and their cause.”

“From the customization of content to the ability to create the forum groups, Engage by Charity Dynamics gives organizations the tools to build a community that best fits their constituency,” said Andy Udovich, VP of software development and technology at Charity Dynamics. “In addition, the app provides comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that allow organizations to continuously improve on their content so they can provide users with the best experience possible and ensure they stay engaged.”

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