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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Dover, Delaware Mar 27, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Lifewit is a global brand dedicated to providing consumers with genuine comfort in their homes. Today, it presents the storage guide to address the stress caused by a cluttered home.

A cluttered home is a common source of stress for many people. A survey from the Huffington Post noted that concern about their home not being clean or organized enough is the 5th most common stress trigger for Americans. 47% of those surveyed reported that this stressed them out in the past month.

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There are many clutter hotspots in one’s home and they have the potential to accumulate clutter and cause stress. The closet is one of them that can be dealt with.

Lifewit’s product guide below provides ideas for closet storage, supporting families alleviating pressure.

1. For Creating more space —- 90L Foldable Storage Bags
According to Healthline, these bags are a brilliant solution to “too many clothes” or “not enough space”.

The organizer comes in two variations: a 3-piece set and a 6-piece set. Measuring 60 x 43 x 35 cm, one single storage bag can contain 1 king-size comforter, 6 blankets, or 35 pieces of clothes. People can fill them up with off-season clothes and move them to make way for spring and summer clothes.

Via the see-through window in the front, users can quickly see what is placed inside. Plus, the deep storage bags are made from non-woven fabric, which promotes ventilation and protects items from moisture and dust.

2. For improving neatness and aesthetics—-Decorative Clothes Storage Bins
Featuring 3 color&2 size options (3 in a pack), the storage container can adapt to most cabinet sizes and match most home decorations and styles.

These open storage boxes are great for placing under the hanging area to improve the utilization of garment closets. They can also be used to sort books, toys, shoes, towels, blankets, office supplies, DVDs, and gifts to keep your home tidy and nice.

In addition, Lifewit has given these cubes reinforced handles that make it easy to transport each one to and from.

3. For making use of dead space in closet—-3/5/6-Shelf Hanging Organizer
Hanging closet organizers are an easy, budget-friendly way to add extra storage to small closets.

Lifewit inspires its customers to create a home that truly reflects who they are. They have equipped the product with a convenient hanging design that allows customers to place it on any rod or mesh rack according to their preference.

To provide great accessibility and visibility to the contents of closets, Lifewit designed this sturdy clothing organizer with open shelves. As a result, people can focus their energy and efforts on more important things rather than stressing over finding the right outfit.

4. For upgrading lingerie drawers—- 4/6 PCS Drawer Underwear Organizer
For those struggling to find panties or bras in a messy drawer or closet in a rush to get ready, Lifewit has created the Lingerie Drawer Organizer, which is ideal for storing underwear, socks, scarves, and other personal items.

The closet organizer set comes with a 6-cell underwear/panties bin, a 7-cell bra bin, a 24-cell sock bin, an 8-cell scarf bin, and 2 extra compartments for other items.

It massively improves the utilization of drawer space, user can easily find what they want by using closet drawer dividers, saving much time in picking items.

For more information about Lifewit’s storage product, click here.

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