Zillion Heir$, a ew NFT label under Zheir$ Branding drops first NFT Collection on March 23

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Bringing Together A Coalition of Influencers to Join the World of NFTs for Humanity

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Bronx, New York Mar 22, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – ZHEIR$ BRANDING (www.zheirs.com) has entered into a digital art license agreement with Meta Bunny, an NFT collection of 3D bunnies on Ethereum Blockchain empowered by Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange (www.HKD.com). Meta Bunny is licensing digital art from ZHEIR$ BRANDING to sell NFTs on Open Sea (https://opensea.io/).

ZHEIR$ BRANDING is bringing together a coalition of influencers, including @Nickcole777 with 2B views on Tiktok (https://www.tiktok.com/discover/Nick-vibes?lang=en), to take ZILLION HEIR$ into the future. ZHEIR$ BRANDING will sell rarities and merchandise around the NFTs and build out marketplaces for clients. The vision for ZHEIR$ BRANDING and ZILLION HEIR$ is to raise humanity to another level through a digital asset platform that empowers influencers and communities to create and share their riches with the world.

The first ZILLION HEIR$ x Meta Bunny NFT collection drops March 23rd on OpenSea. This is the first in a series of ZILLION HEIR$ NFTs that incorporates artists, musicians, athletes, creators, and entertainers from the Western Hemisphere. ZHEIR$ BRANDING works with these influencers helping them monetize their image, social equity, and likeness. Omar Brathwaite Bowen aka Cosmic Divine (NFT Developer) is the Founder of ZILLION HEIR$ and ZHEIR$ BRANDING. Born into the art world, Cosmic was doing digital art since the age of 16. He was self-taught through his father Kolongi, a legendary painter. Growing up, Cosmic saw the struggle of creatives trying to build their brand. His goal is to help others finally get their fair share.

About ZILLION HEIR$: A Lifestyle/Culture representing people who are heirs to what is owed. Those who have put their time, talents, treasure, and trust into projects or situations and weren’t properly compensated aka “Owed more money than they can count”. Visit www.zillionheirs.io to learn more.

About Metabunny: MetaBunny is a 10,000 NFT Collection of 3D Bunnies, algorithmically generated on the Ethereum Blockchain via the ERC 721 token standard. MetaBunnies are precious digital collectibles, each MetaBunny is unique and made up of different faces, accessories, clothes, items, and more.  Visit https://www.metabunny.io/ to learn more.

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