Intelligent Diva Hits Another Milestone In Her Music Career as an Artist and Label

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Intelligent Diva Music Launches the Rise of Upcoming Artist, Producers and Actors

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Mar 10, 2022 ( – Intelligent Diva reaches a new milestone in her career by landing on the Top 50 Gospel Inspirational Music chart. This indeed is a major accomplishment not just as a music artist, but as a record label. In each song, the artist includes a music marketing tactic that doesn’t just focus on her brand. The artist includes a launching tactic where she focuses on a newly independent artist, actor, actress, influencers, filmmaker. She wants to showcase the multiple talents of independent artists who are entrepreneurs. The music industry has changed, and the world we live in has also changed. The idea is to show that talent still exists and that within the entertainment industry we live in today there are multiple business practices that we can utilize. There are a lot of independent artists coming to the table with more than just their musical talent. 

The single “Sinner’s Prayer” is a single which launches the marketing tactic of showcasing the multiple talents of each person’s skill set. ID lives by the rule that she’s an artist who doesn’t want to be placed within a box of one music genre. Gospel is her roots, and her plan was to include music in her library which allows her to include the gospel.  Sinner’s Prayer is the first single gospel rap single that was released. The single is written by Intelligent Diva. It’s produced by both Aaron Bing and Intelligent Diva. It also includes her family members which consist of her Jashua Kenner, her mother, and daughter.  

For Intelligent Diva, as a writer, she took prayer that she wrote in a journal and converted it into a song. She intended for the song to include a choir, yet this would have been way too expensive. Therefore, the artist decided to just have her be one voice who performs the choir. Intelligent Diva is also the co-producer of the project. in fact, she’s considered the co-producer on all her projects.  

In the world of music, some music artists don’t like to consider themselves as music producers or they overlook the title because they don’t actually understand the role and responsibility of a music producer, record producer, coach musician.  

The role of a music producer, record producers, coach musicians, schedule recording sessions, oversee budgets, and provide instruments. Music producers make a lot of creative decisions, such as auditioning performers, selecting music, and more. These professionals oversee the post-production process, which includes editing the music. They will also make sure that the project stays within budget and is completed on time. Music producers must approve any changes throughout the process and are responsible for the final product, as well as working to promote the product.  

In the role of an independent artist, if you are scheduling your own recording sessions, overseeing the budget which you are spending, making creative decisions on how you want your song. Selecting what type of music, the arrangements, overseeing the post-production on the song, where you make suggestions and decisions on the edits, and it’s you who are making decisions that the project stays within the budget. You are tracking your project to make sure that it’s completed on time, and you are the one approving the changes throughout the process, as well as promoting the product. Then you are not just a music artist, you are also a music producer based on the role and responsibilities of what a music producer does.  

Intelligent Diva executes the role and responsibility as a producer for every song in her music library. She admits initially, she knows all of the responsibilities of a producer, and therefore she never took credit for it initially. Until she was educated by her entertainment attorney and music manager Stephen Wrench. Intelligent Diva funds her own music budget for her record label for her recording, and music production. With the music production Sinner’s Prayer, there was a cost-saving in the budget because she teamed up with people who are multi-talented. She also came up with the idea instead of hiring a choir which would have made the music production more expensive, the artist decided to make herself sound like a choir.  

While this process was a whole lot of work, it definitely paid off. She also identified the people she wanted to use on the project because of what we stated her goal was which is to launch the skillsets and multi-talents of others.  

Aaron Bing- Producer/Musician 

Aaron Bing is a jazz musician that is well known for playing the saxophone. As we said before, gone before but not forgotten. Well, he’s not forgotten. Intelligent Diva studies the industry on a regular basis. Aaron is planning a comeback, so her strategy in working with him on them track didn’t just include him being paid upfront as a musician for hire. It included pushing him in the new direction in which the music industry is going and showcasing to the world his multiple talents. She knew that in 2022, the launch of jazz Billboard Awards is expected to launch. The categories for the next awards show include best mainstream artist, best contemporary artist, best duo, group or big band, best new jazz artist (contemporary or mainstream), best jazz singer, best international artist (contemporary or general public), the best general public album, best contemporary album, jazz innovator of the year, composer of the year, educator of the year, jazz heritage award and song of the year voted by fans. 

With the song being a gospel song, the plan was not to showcase Aaron Bing out front on the initial single as an original artist playing the saxophone due to marketing reasons for a gospel single. The single Sinner’s Prayer was a gospel rap single; we didn’t want to add a saxophone to the first release. The single had to grab the audience’s attention first across to multiple music genres.  In studying the gospel market, with a gospel rap song, you would be promoted in the genre’s gospel and R&B world. Therefore, Intelligent Diva knew she had to stick to the instruments in the song which are included for the gospel to ensure the success of the song. Those instruments consisted of tambourine, drums, piano, bass guitar, and an organ. 

Aaron Bing plays 21 different instruments. He’s way more than a saxophonist. He also scores music in films. Intelligent Diva suggested that he play the piano as a feature and branch out. However, he wanted to stay true to his fans who only knew him for playing the saxophone. Therefore, we decided to showcase his multiple talents as a co-producer.  

Aaron plays the instruments in the song. The song is the original. All music created by Intelligent Diva is original music. Aaron was also able to bring Intelligent Diva’s vision to life, where instead of hiring a choir, making her sound like a choir, which helped out with the budget. Aaron was also the sound engineer on the song.  

With Aaron’s talent being applied to the song, giving him credit as a producer on the song would allow him to receive credit for his talent. He could then use the advantage of the accomplishments of the song charting which is being marketed by Intelligent Diva Music and Musik and Film. This would be a stepping stone of being able to add new accomplishments to his career.  

The goal was to make it mainstream, be international, and be recognized as a composer. With the marketing strategy behind Sinner’s Prayer, and the music producers Intelligent Diva and Aaron Bing working together. The strategy appears to be working to showcase Aaron as a chart-topping musician and producer across multi-genres. 

Jashua Kenner  

Jashua Kenner is the brother of Intelligent Diva who is an inspiring voice actor. Intelligent Diva’s role for him is to launch him as an inspiring voice actor through music. He has been featured on her singles ” I Like What I See”, ” Sexy Walk”, and now “Sinner’s Prayer.”  The single Sexy Walk is featured in the movie Flint Tale, and also charted on DRT ‘s Top 150 Independent Chart, Cashbox Magazine’s Independent Top 150 Independent DRT Chart, and Record World’s Top 150 Independent DRT Chart. Jashua Kenner is a co-writer on “Sexy Walk also. With Sinner’s Prayer, and the song being a spiritual song and Intelligent Diva performing a lyrical prayer to God. Jashua Kenner responds back as the voice of God. Intelligent Diva is also an actress and is known for adding skits and voiceovers to her music. The goal is to get Jashua Kenner noticed for his amazing voiceovers on songs that were successful. Hopefully, people would then notice his talents.  Intelligent Diva, tells us that he would not only make an amazing voice actor in movies. He would make an amazing actor. He’s also great at drawing, and gaming.  

Intelligent Diva’s Mother and Daughter 

These are the prayer warriors you hear in the song. They are very supportive of Intelligent Diva and her brother. Her mother has always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. So, the artist wanted to make her mother a part of the project where it would be shared with the world with both of her kids and her granddaughter. As for her daughter, she’s an amazing entrepreneur but prefers to stay behind the scenes and not be out front. The family moves as a unit.  

The overall success of the song has now allowed Intelligent Diva to land on the Top 50 Gospel Inspirational Chart with legendary music artists such as Cee-Cee Winans, Marvin Sapp, Le Andria Johnson, the Chicago Mass Choir, Tamela Mann. All of these gospel artists which the artist has shared that she loves. She has received a huge congratulations on the success of the song from gospel legends Dorinda Clark Cole, and Kim Burrell.  

The single Sinner’s Prayer is now currently on 514 radio stations. 71 of these stations are mainstream stations. The stations which have picked up the song range from internet, variety, gospel, jazz, indie, urban, adult contemporary, electronic, rock, experimental, blues, Hispanic, and many more. The single is charting in the US and Europe in the Top 40. Also charting on the Top 150 Independent Chart on DRT, Cashbox Magazine, and World Record Charts. Intelligent Diva and all artists and producers on the song can now add the Top 50 Gospel Inspirational Charts on DRT, Cashbox Magazine, and World Record Chart. Her record label Intelligent Diva is now out there on the charts with major artists and so is her label, producers, and artist which she currently manages, and consults. 

Sinner’s Prayer has also been picked up by BDS Radio. The intelligent Diva will appear on Billboard Reporting Station Gospel Grind Radio on March 14th, at 8 pm for an exclusive interview with Chris King. Intelligent Diva states there is more to come, and she has a new artist who will be introduced on the scene which she’s currently managing. So be on the lookout! Also, there will be a virtual tour coming this summer.  

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