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(Spin Digit Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 3, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – PixelPlex recently announced an update of its IT consulting services. The company aims to ensure businesses are more tech-inclined by introducing mature engineering solutions with its IT consulting service. 

Established in 2007, PixelPlex has amassed a highly skilled software engineering team, and impeccable development experience to tackle industry-specific challenges. The company’s consulting service is extensively formulated to aid startups with quick rollout; assist SMEs to transform & innovate; craft unique strategies that are idealistic for large & governmental enterprises. 

To help prospective clients understand the intricacies of its consulting service, PixelPlex’s CEO, Alexei Dulub, explains that it approaches every problem by first running a detailed analysis to detect issues and identify improvement points. The team then designs an ideal problem-solving strategy that sits well with the client’s infrastructure before developing and rolling out the solution. 

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PixelPlex keeps service standards to the maximum through prioritizing business goals. The company currently ranks amongst the most notable IT consulting companies in the world and is poised to maintain its leadership position with its intuitive technology solutions. 

PixelPlex has successfully executed over 450 projects that comply with international standards and is trusted by noteworthy software vendors. 

The tech cornerstone of PixelPlex’s engineering prowess entails blockchain; connected devices; cognitive computing; mobile solutions; and extended reality. The company has been able to help startups secure funds and maximize business workflows by implementing DLTs into enterprise infrastructures. 

PixelPlex has successfully orchestrated multiple independent workflows by tapping into planned and existing infrastructures. They connect physical and digital assets into a properly structured data turnaround network. 

PixelPlex’s portfolio entails a wide range of clients, depicting its firm grasp of tech solutions to help clients achieve their sci-fi goals. Companies in its portfolio include FootballNet, LaneAxis, BMW, Qrtum, Kakao. 


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PixelPlex is a revolutionary IT consulting firm with over 14 years of experience in troubleshooting complex solutions. Through its workforce intuitiveness, PixelPlex has helped in the formation of two unicorns.

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