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Based on first-hand experience and, most of all, SCIENCE.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Feb 27, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Raising Brains is a book for moms from every walk of life that want to better understand that they aren’t just raising kids, they’re raising brains. 

Topping the list of things no one bothers to tell you when you become a parent is this big secret:

If you want to raise your child to be happy, successful, and connected, you need a plan.

When it comes to understanding your child, expert advice on creating a plan is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. This book is that needle you’ve been searching for.

In this practical, holistic, and fun book, Dr. Sarah Levin Allen — working mom, pediatric neuropsychologist, and parent/teacher coach — walks you through the magic questions, conversation starters, and “Mom tricks” you need to create your own parenting plan for raising your little brains.

Little Brains? Yes, you probably think you are raising kids, but you are actually raising brains. And you might be surprised at how helpful it can be to think of your kids as little brains, especially when emotions are running high. This is the core of the mindful meddling parenting philosophy offered in this book.

A parent’s job is never-ending. So it’s only natural that they have these lingering thoughts and experiences in their pursuit to become someone that will mold their children into the best version of themselves:

  • I have some tools, but I want to know how to use them with MY KID to make sure that I’m raising an amazing human. 
  • I have read “all the books,” but something doesn’t seem to be working for me or my child. 
  • I worry about my child’s mental health. I want my kid to have strong coping skills and know-how to find happiness. 
  • Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or if something is wrong with my kid! 
  • I want to be an example and a good model for my kids. Sometimes I feel disconnected or shut out of my kid’s life. 
  • It’s so hard to find the delicate balance between being a parent and being on my kid’s team. 
  • I’ve worked for and found happiness in my own way and I want the same for my kid

Raising Brains bridges the gap between science and personal experiences which enables parents to put their minds at ease and access effective frameworks to help them understand that they are not only raising kids, they are raising brains.

Brain Behavior Bridge Introduces #RAISINGBRAINS, The Movement by Dr. Sarah Allen. 

#RaisingBrains is all about harnessing the power you already have as an amazing parent and learning how to grow alongside your kids. This movement will teach your kids social skills, how to be their own person, how to cope, and how to have self-confidence and excitement for life. After all, you aren’t raising them to be you–you’re raising them to be THEM! 

Dr. Allen recognizes the importance of creating meaningful connections with your children that focus on the development of their social, emotional, and cognitive brains. 

About Sarah Levin Allen, Ph.D.: Not only does she have 15+ years of pediatric neuropsychologist experience, but she is also a mom of 2 awesome kiddos! She helps busy parents apply brain science-proven strategies to be able to understand their kids’ needs and help them grow. She is also a contributor in Forbes magazine, seen on major networks such as NBC, ABC, PBS, and more.

Spread The Word, Get Active, and Use #RAISINGBRAINS 


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