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Momcoin aims to encourage more women into the cryptocurrecy and blockchain space

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Feb 8, 2022 ( – Women can do anything if they are given the opportunity. There are now many notable women in various fields and especially in technology. However, the Cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are still disproportionately dominated by men and are currently considered a ‘Bro Club’. To change that, a new cryptocurrency token, Momcoin (MOM), is working towards the goal of bringing more women and girls into the crypto and blockchain space to enhance gender diversity in the field. The token will also fund and support charities and NGOs working in the fields of training and empowerment for women and girls around the world. The project aims to bring more women into the Cryptocurrency market, helping them become entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, and more.

Momcoin team believes that Cryptocurrency can establish true fairness in society empowering the economy and people trapped in poverty. People from all over the world who previously did not have access to invest or take advantage of the financial services are now investing in something they have a stake in at a higher level. They only need to participate to reap the rewards that Cryptocurrency can give them. According to Researcher Coin Dance, in 2021 the female engagement rate in the Bitcoin community was 14.23%. Momcoin is hoping to change this by boosting women’s engagement and participation in the Cryptocurrency community. The purpose of the coin is to spread awareness and promote the concept of economic fairness among women and encourage them to get involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in particular. Using the token as an entry point, more women and girls can now enter the crypto space using a tool they already have which is a smartphone.

This blockchain-based digital currency, Momcoin, aims to be the number one choice for women around the world due to its simplicity and charitable goals. One billion Momcoin, which represents 10% of the initial supply of the token, will be distributed among charities as grants to support programs that will encourage women to invest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market and become entrepreneurs or developers. This will be distributed through the Momcoin Grant to charities and NGOs that are working in women and girls’ education and empowerment. The benefiting organizations will be nominated by the Momcoin community through its website. The team hopes that the popular adoption of the token and the success of the project will make funds available to support its charitable goals. They plan to start the distribution of funds by tokens to charities and NGOs in two phases in 2022.

Momcoin approach is based on the belief that if there is no deliberate effort to make the crypto and blockchain industry more accessible to women and girls across the world there is a risk that many will be left behind. The token will be available on Decentralized exchanges and the users can safely store their MOMs in Trust wallet, Metamask wallet, and other wallets compatible with the BEP20 standard. For more information, visit their website


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