Carrie Tatsu, Metaverse Entrepreneur is Proud to Announce Her First NFT Launch “I’m a kitty cat”

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Jan 24, 2022 ( – NFTs are trending Crypto assets, tokens secured on the blockchain that is used to represent ownership of items, such as art, collectibles even real estate.

Carrie Tatsu, a mother of two, has been working for over 15 years developing content in the ‘original’ metaverse, Second Life. After purchasing virtual land in 2006, she built a brand of virtual pets and babies.

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Her business built a community of engaged users who showed her that people love to care for things, regardless of if they are virtual or physical.
In the past few years, Carrie has had her eye on NFTs, Crypto, and future metaverses. Recently she decided to dive into the world of Generative Art NFTs, starting with a realistic cat.

She used Bitcoin bought a handful of years ago and hired Massimo Righi, the most sought-after CG animal creator in the world to model and design the cats. Each cat has unique photo-real fur, expressions, poses, accessories, and several incorporate hilarious memes.

The project’s community is a collection of Cat & NFT fans, so to recognise this, I’m a kitty cat are providing 2% of any funds gained from minting or sale royalties to charities chosen by people who are holding a cat NFT.

Carrie said “Metaverse is being used as a new buzz term within the crypto and technology world, but I have been working in one for 15 years! Being able to transfer my experience and skill set into the latest platforms via my NFT drop is an opportunity to learn more; it has been an incredible experience so far.”

Carrie is collaborating with technology innovator Chris Burgess to “Bring an NFT to Life” a unique project using Augmented Reality to display the NFT as a virtual Cat. The traits from the NFTs will be utilized in the AR app, allowing them to level up their cats whilst teaching them new personality characteristics.

In addition, the team plans to see how far they can take the NFT development within new Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and Sandbox

Chris Burgess commented “There is an increasing number of NFT drops happening each day across multiple networks such as Ethereum & Solana. What started as PFP (picture for proof and profile pic) artwork is now evolving as project teams try to develop new ways to make their NFTs attractive & more valuable for investors.

Bringing an NFT to life is a unique offering within the NFT space and with our Kitty Cat Augmented Reality application & metaverse work, I am presented with a virtual playground to innovate and break ground with the technology.”

The launch of 10,000 Kitty Cat NFTs is on January 24th at 7 PM CST
Each Minted NFT costs 0.07 ETH plus required gas fees.

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