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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. Dec 27, 2021 ( – AGILEWING TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED’Today’s global market is wide open, like a blue sea rife with potential and possibilities. E-commerce companies from everywhere on earth are rapidly expanding to other regions, hoping to get a part of the over 10 trillion RMB spent on cross-border e-commerce each year. This is why China is looking to develop a robust system that will support new and old e-commerce businesses alike. They already have created twenty-one pilot free trade zones and 105 cross-border e-commerce free trade zones covering around thirty cities. And they intend on moving forward with further upgrades, including an increased capacity in their internet national transportation logistics network, to ensure Chinese e-commerce companies are equipped with everything they need to meet today’s global competition head-on.


Cross-border e-commerce is facing challenges. Traditional CDN is hard to figure out. 

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Even though China is offering much support, e-commerce businesses looking to work across borders still face many challenges.


First, there’s the issue of personal data security. E-commerce that takes place across borders must include near-perfect data security detection, otherwise, it can lead to major legal ramifications depending on the user’s location. In May 2021, when over 3,000 Chinese e-commerce online stores were closed, analysts found that data leaks by tracking related data servers had compromised over 200,000 users’ private information. Moreover, site latency can cause massive losses in users on-site, especially during key promotional times such as Black Friday. When peak traffic is too much for a site’s server, lost business is the result.


These issues are the reason CDN is the best choice for cross-border e-commerce. And yet, many traditional CDN vendors lack the resources and features that many e-commerce businesses need to thrive in today’s market.


E-commerce is a seasonal industry. Unfortunately, most traditional CDN vendors only provide unified services, billing users based on traffic, or a cookie-cutter plan that offers zero flexibility. During the off-season, companies don’t have a problem paying for CDN services based on traffic. But when peak season hits, the price change can be overwhelming, leaving business owners off-balance. In addition, most CDN products require expensive, resource-intense equipment that smaller- and medium-sized businesses simply don’t have the budget for.


AgileCDN the first 4s standard solve all the issues for cross-border business


That’s where AgileCDN comes in.


Dedicated to helping e-commerce businesses, Agilewing has launched a new CDN product called AgileCDN. AgileCDN is the key to solving dozens of issues that crop up when e-commerce businesses work across borders. AgileCDN uses industry-standard 4S website acceleration with 4s standard and unique 3 detection technology, ensuring it offers safety, affordability, and ease of use. AgileCDN intends on providing one-station services for overseas users. 


AgileCDN is based on AWS’s global backbone network and edge computing. As a result, it will bring you a better, more streamlined user experience, accelerating and securing your website. At the same time, AgileCDN leverages SEO to improve your brand visibility, maximize your website ranking, and optimize your return on ad spending.


Compared with traditional CDN products, AgileCDN will offer small- and medium-sized companies far greater savings than the competition. We bill for tire running traffic, offering lots of vouchers. So the more traffic you consume, the more flexible time you own which can use to reduce the cost of unnecessary usage. When a user runs AgileCDN, they can also deploy it on other platforms, such as video streaming, mobile apps, mini-apps, and online games. AgileCDN can even be set up to turn off at any time to reduce the cost.


During R&D, we strove to reduce setup complexity so you can onboard your application to our CDN platform in 3 simple steps. All it takes is 3 seconds based on the penalized and simple policies to get you up and running. We also offer the ability to create, reload, and reheat in one simple function, further supporting our goal of simplicity. Users have complete control over everything, including refining things in a quick, easy way and improving complex program capacity. Users won’t need to verify the framework via a complex control panel. Instead, they can manage all details on the AgileCDN app at any time. The console station shows multiple streams of data, allowing users to analyze the application data and learn more about their websites.


With regard to security, AgileCDN defaults in free Layer3, Layer4 detection. It runs using a complex machine-learning algorithm to analyze traffic. This gives it the ability to learn legal behavior, automatically block malicious attacks, detect cyber threats, and prevent information leakage. All these benefits further support e-commerce cross-border business. 


If they’re to remain competitive, Chinese cross-border e-commerce businesses have to be aggressive and forward-thinking. We believe that the future will bring e-commerce businesses more and more opportunities as well as challenges. But with AgileCDN, we believe today’s e-commerce companies can create services and user experiences that keep them at the cutting edge of the industry. With a higher capacity for risk resistance and greater competitiveness, AgileCDN will give Chinese, cross-border e-commerce companies all they need to build better websites, brands, and businesses.


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