Metaverse Meets Vorz, A Crypto-Equipped Metavorz Semi-Decentralized Application

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Metaverse works with Decentralization

An NFT Marketplace Plus Social Video and Art Hybrid in the Polygon MATIC

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Metropolitan Manila Area, Philippines Nov 23, 2021 ( – TikTok clones are on the rise, as we’ve seen many of them being released out in the shell, yet most of them had failed or not caught the attention of the mainstream due to a lack of execution endeavour approach. Metavorz will also try that with the power of blockchain, NFTs, and crypto-equipped ideas will be the main vision of the Metavorz SeDApp. The Metavorz Devs are capable and equipped with knowledge and morale to make that dream of the century happen. Thanks to the power of META ARMY, it will have this high-chance factor to make it work once and for all. A goal to build the Metaverse of the People!


In another news, a TikTok clone from India known as Chingari joined Solana to scale further but the Metavorz will scale in the Polygon L2 to save the hassle of high gas fees, in an attempt to not push away its users making it the most practical choice for newbies in crypto to hop in and join the fun of crypto. An ideal MVP to mass adopt cryptocurrency and NFTs in one go is the idea of Vorz!


Douyin, known as TikTok internationally, a short video app that originates from China, has conquered cyberspace garnering over One Billion users in the past few years. The company has been valued to be estimated at 250 Billion dollars, making it the biggest privately held company in the world im this timeline.


In the Far East, another one will be challenging the rise of the Metaverse. Vorz, formerly known as Ketkot is also a TikTok clone with its own marketplace in place to build a hybrid real-world application for the metaverse. Unlike Chingari, Vorz will be utilizing the Polygon Matic Network which is a juggernaut in the Crypto World built to support ETH and EVM where most smart contracts can interchangeably communicate with each other. The only difference is Matic Network charges very low fees which makes it ideal for scaling the Vorz SeDApps in L2, saving gas fees whatsoever.


Not surprisingly, this had spurned a number of spin-offs, especially since Tiktok has been banned from India. Chingari, an Indian start-up recently raised another 19 million dollars in VC Seed rounds to boot that idea in crypto. Metavorz on the other hand will be routing the IDO path after its failed VC attempt last time. Today it is raising the amount of $500k in hard cap and putting its soft cap at $250k to build a unicorn hub of semi-decentralized movement in the future. This is just the beginning of some wild imagination of the crypto kids.


Vorz, the Metavorz SeDApp, will be unique on its own approach by utilizing the cheap fees of Polygon to scale its NFT Marketplace, its short video and art platform rewarding the artists and viewers alike for their hard work as co-founders and not just products. Vorz is the first flagship semi-decentralized application of the Metavorz Evosystem that will open the Gateway To Metaverse. 


Artists can create and sell NFTs out of their content whilst viewers can reward artists with NFTs Gift inside the SeDApp. The NFTs will be uniquely distributed well in rarity and fraction valued and weighed by the $META token. Viewers and Arist alike will have a level-up program embedded in its user experience for them to be rewarded bountifully as well by accumulating followers, likes, posts, videos, etc.


Filipinos are among the most voracious online users in the world, spending many hours in front of their smartphone devices. Vorz will show the world how it will muster an Army of Voracious Vorz to speed up the process of crypto mass adoption in the Metaverse.


The Vorz SeDApp will go live early in January 2022 for the Beta release, lining up most influencers from TikTok and YouTube stars in which to become its Vorz ambassadors in the near future.


The Era of Hexagon is here to upgrade an old operating system of things. Metaverse is the key to that New Brave Metatron’s Vision!


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