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Providing anonymity is a growing business

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- London, United Kingdom Nov 12, 2021 ( – Startup smartphone maker Zero Avocado Ltd is focusing on the ever-growing market of clients who are looking for secure communication outside of “Big Techs” prying eyes.

Their first model of a smartphone was the Avoozer KV Beta, based on Chinese manufactured hardware loaded with a custom version of Ubuntu Touch on it. After a successful sale of the Beta version Zero, Avocado is now launching an updated model named Avoozer KV1.

The new model will also be based on the more secure OS from Ubuntu Touch with several adaptions and special apps loaded as standard to provide privacy, security, and anonymity for its users.

The business idea is different from other previous attempts by others to make a secure smartphone as the phone itself provides the key to use an encrypted and secure virtual private network that not only connects the users but also connects them to other services completely anonymous.

One key feature of the phone is the custom-developed Tox client that comes as a standard app on the phones. Tox was developed in the wake of the Edward Snowden leak by a larger community of privacy concerned developers, without any support or sponsorship from commercial interests.

Zero Avocado’s  Tox client is called Toxza and benefits from the added security of the exclusive VPN network all Avoozer phones have access to. This means that communication between two or more persons using Avoozer phones can be done without any servers or other was for messages to be intercepted or accessed at a later stage by any 3 parties.

Zero Avocado was started in the United Kingdom but Brexit has also meant that they are setting up an office in Spain to accommodate the fast-growing EU market.


Secure Tox client on Avoozer smart phone

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