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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Nov 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dana Biasatti, the artist known as 64Crypto, is excited to announce the release of “Series I: Meet the Scientists,” the first series of her NFT collection entitled “OGSci Collection.” These collectible animated GIFS tell the story of six scientists who come together to work on the top-secret Martian Life Project to definitively determine if life exists on the Red Planet. There will be 7 series with 6 to 20 rare animated GIF NFTs in each series–and some surprises in between! The first 6 GIFs, making up Series 1, introduces the scientists.

Dana is a vertebrate palaeontologist and isotope geochemist at the University of Notre Dame. She is also a graphic artist, who has done book illustration, album cover artwork, advertisements, logo design, fine art, and much more. She has even painted artwork on furniture that was featured in Architectural Digest. In this collection, her knowledge of science and her love for creating art come together in the OGSci (Original Gangsters of Science) Collection.

More on Spindigit:

“I have had a love for creating, drawing, painting, and writing since I was a child. I’ve carried this love into adulthood and I’ve continued to create artwork throughout my journey as a scientist. This collection was inspired by my life experiences as a scientist –which has sometimes been a little wild! I decided to organize this NFT collection into 7 mini-series which represent the various steps of a fictional scientific project, the Martian Life Project. I hope you enjoy this story!”

Each series will take you through the steps of the Martian Life Project:

Series I: Meet the scientists (Nov 4)
Series II: The scientists at home (Nov 20)
Series III: Scientists’ 1st meeting (
Dec 7)
Series IV: Experiments begin (Dec 21)
Series V: Data is compiled (
Jan 6 )
Series VI: Results are presented (Jan 20)
Series VII: The after-party (
Feb 5)

*Drop dates are approximate.

Do they find the answer to one of this universe’s greatest mysteries? Wait and see!

10 % of each sale will be split among 2 charities that are chosen for each series. The Series I charities will be the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Patterson Memorial Grant, which provides financial support for student paleontological fieldwork, and Mew Mew House cat retirement and hospice, which provides a home for the elderly and special needs cats who have become suddenly homeless.



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