Caring Creatures: an NFT collection with 3 evolutionary stages

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Montevideo, Uruguay Nov 4, 2021 ( – Caring Creatures is a project that focuses on a specific aspect that too many NFT projects neglect – charity. The entire creatures project has several charitable goals, including planting 100k trees along the way and providing clean water to more than 24,000 people for over 20 years to come. 

The creatures were created by Fritz from Uruguay. The art was created according to his vision by Argentinian artist Nico Fryd. This multi-stage project consists of unique generated beings from a visionary state of consciousness.

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The first stage, which has just been completed, consists of the different creatures that have been minted as ERC-721 tokens hosted on the Permaweb. The next two stages will be unlocked by the community. So far, the first 1,500 creatures have been minted – and another 5,000 are dropping soon.

All owners of the 1st stage creatures will receive a free mint from the second stage for each creature they own – the rest will be in a public sale. Holding caring creatures will also grant benefits long-term – not only will holders be eligible to win prizes in some raffles and randomly selected drops, but also have a say in future DAO decisions.

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