FeedLetter Relaunches Flexible Feedback Widget with Numerous Valuable Features

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Frankfurt, Hessen Oct 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – FeedLetter Relaunches Flexible Feedback Widget with Numerous Valuable Features

There is no denying the importance of feedback for any business. It is all about listening actively, extracting the time for analyzing, and then improving products and services. Your customers are the ones who provide you with their opinions (in other words, feedback), which you can use then to improve products and services for growing your business. This is why the use of a feedback widget has emerged onto the scene to collect people’s views.

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There are multiple ways of receiving feedback. One of them is to obtain from technology (since it is a technologically advanced era, where the entire world is smitten with smartphones and the web). Sensing the rapid progress of technology and the enhanced inflow of people towards the internet, FeedLetter has relaunched its Web Rating widget as a flexible one-stop feedback widget that can easily be embedded into any website.

About Flexible Feedback Widget

It absolutely makes it easy for your website visitors/users to give you their honest feedback before leaving your website. It can be used as a feedback button, a popup widget, or an inline widget – it all depends on your needs and choice. The process of integration is smooth and easy. You may integrate it directly into any website or web app. The widget looks beautiful whether you use it as a button, popup widget, or inline widget. 

How Does Feedback Widget Works?

It uses the proven 2-stop process of FeedLetter that increases engagement. First, users can rate with an emoji satisfaction scale and then comment with further feedback in text or audio.

Flexible Feedback Widget Fulfills All Your Needs

The widget is flexible and easy to configure and set up. You can add it to your website or web app (no matter whatever the niche is, it works on all types of websites and web apps) with a feedback button, inside the body (content), or as a popup. The feedback widget integrates smoothly with your website and can be used on any website.

Features of Feedback Widget

The Flexible Feedback Widget has numerous features which turn your users/readers into engaged visitors of your website. Engagement is what is needed by any website owner for monetization and search rankings. The widget helps you gain these benefits. 

· The popup widget emerges on your website’s bottom-left corner after a configurable time or is manually triggered by the code (you have used for it). 

· It helps your readers/visitors give you instant feedback with a feedback button (if used as a button). The widget appears as a discreet tab that is visible on your website. 

· Use it as an in-content widget, and it will begin displaying right inside the body of the content, such as at the end of the article.

· You can also collect reviews through this feedback widget which helps increase your SEO ranking.


Follow the link to see the widget live in action: https://feedletter.co/feedback-widget


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