XAYWAY sees no limits in 2022 and speaks his truth

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XAYWAY has a blueprint for success in 2022

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Miami, Florida Oct 16, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Looking back at 2020, it is the year that tested most people’s psyche, mental strength, and willpower worldwide. America is one nation that had to sort out its ugly cultural truths, tackle systemic racism, and defund the police. 2020 enthralled the minds and souls of many across the globe. There was a true feeling of racial climate change. 

2020 Events

Bringing the entire continent to a standstill was George Floyd’s brutal murder on 25th May 2020. The murder burnt worldwide protests and big social media atrocities from all races. The same year, COVID brought down America’s economy, belief in science and claimed over 500,000 lives. Millions gathered at local food banks to secure their next meal. The most powerful country in the world took a hit, with our government lacking a transparent solution. 

COVID’s Impact on the Music Industry

Speaking of losses, the music industry is one that was affected the most. Music is the world’s global language and also a precious gift from God. The industry suffered major losses. That has forced musicians to look for other income-generating methods. So among all, Hip-Hop is the number one music genre globally and influences everything about pop culture.

XAYWAY Music and Profile

During the COVID-19 pandemic, artists recorded music from racial outrage and incoming blessings. Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur, XAYWAY, is a representation of the new breed of Hip-Hop musicians. His unconventional music skill, raw passion, and trademark rap delivery kept him in a much-unmatched place. 

Providing him with a firm foundation is his deep South Carolina roots; XAYWAY knows the street violence, financial struggle, and racial oppression at the top level. His music mirrors his inner vision and unique perspective on life. XAYWAY is the CEO of Break The Scale ENT ©, his record label, multimedia company, global merchandising, and TV/Film division. He is also the Global Promoter of RESULTSANDNOHYPE and RADIOPUSHERS.


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