Funny Life Coach Has a Fun Solution For Resiliency For Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Great Resignation

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By Jennifer Dougherty, BS, CHC, CLC, HMBA “The Funny Life Coach”


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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Chicago, Illinois Sep 28, 2021 ( – What do both domestic violence situations and the great resignation have in common? They both require a lot of resiliency to overcome and go from survival to thriving. A lot of employers don’t realize that by not prioritizing well-being their workforce can walk. And most business schools do not teach how to recognize domestic violence perpetrators in the office.

According to Jennifer Dougherty’s accredited certified coach training, how you do one thing is how you do everything. In her practice, she has seen how men and women who are prone to domestic violence habits at home will bring those habits to work and disrupt the culture. Sometimes people leave not because the company isn’t great, but because management is not properly handling bad behavior.

The other thing is the great resignation is not always the answer to bringing you new abundance and well-being. In her coaching practice, she’s also seeing colleagues who left their jobs as a way to alleviate the emotional and physical pain of a toxic work environment they take those resentments into their next role or business endeavor. Unfortunately, the great resignation has created a national culture of people running from work and life pain and they are not running towards their prosperity. Americans will start to see in six months to a year, people’s resignation might not be what it’s cracked up to be.

The solution?

One of the things missing when people are in chronic situations that require deeper levels of resiliency, they forgot they need to learn how to cultivate and find their joy again. The best way to find your joy is to explore, find, and own your humor style. To detox your work, health, and love life, Jennifer offers a networking community forum with a self-paced course on owning your humor.

For an accessible affordable option to reclaim your joy. Go from running away from your problems to running towards their solutions and gain better health, better relationships, and better income.

If you want to join the fun of the self-paced course, visit here.

To see one of her examples of resiliency from a domestic violence survival to a thriving story of her own, she made a comedy show, Don’t Mess With Me, I Sent My Ex To Federal Prison” which is loosely based on the time her ex-boyfriend stole her identity while dating her, and no lawyer would take the case due to its lack of profitability for the lawyer. She had to fight back and win her case herself. Jennifer’s friends “help her work to win her case” and the comedy show has an upbeat, comedic persona with a thriving comeback story message. To see clips of the comedy, look at the show snippets below.

If you want to subscribe to her email community for sassy, free resources, and to know when the next tour of Don’t Mess With Me, I Sent My Ex To Federal Prison goes live, visit and sign up in the hot pink box.

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Source :By Jennifer Dougherty, BS, CHC, CLC, HMBA “The Funny Life Coach”

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