Compo Soil: The World’s First Food Waste Composting Innovation

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With one touch of a button, the Compo Soil turns food waste into dirt in as little as three hours.

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Brampton, Ontario Oct 8, 2021 ( – The developers of Compo Soil are pleased to announce the official launch of their game-changing food waste management solution.

Compo Soil is the world’s first Food Waste Composting Machine that enables users to turn their food waste into the dirt in just three hours – all with the touch of a simple button. This game-changing innovation is the first of its kind to rapidly turn leftovers, such as fruits, fruit peel, fish, meat, noodles, bread, leaves, degradable plastics, and more into the dirt which can be utilized in the garden or sent to a recycling processing plant.

“Wasting food is incredibly harmful to the environment and climate,” says Gaganpreet, CEO of the company. “We waste about one-third of all food produced for human consumption, which has taken a great deal of freshwater, land, and labour to produce. If all of this wasted food were a country, it would be the third-highest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. This is truly an alarming statistic, but we are here to help.”

To help ensure food waste is addressed in an eco-friendly manner, Compo Soil boasts many innovative and useful features and benefits for users, including:

Low price point
Turn food waste into the dirt in as little as three hours
Incredibly convenient easy to use
Manufactured with high-quality materials and technology for ultimate durability
Odorless and safe handling 3-step system
Produces less waste and emission of methane gas than normal disposal habits
And much more!

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About Compo Soil

Compo Soil is a countertop grinder for organic household food waste. The product was designed to help reduce the amount of potent methane gas that is expelled into the air, compared to merely placing food waste into landfills.

Compo soil produces ready-to-use, nutrient-rich compost that can be used for all indoor and outdoor plants and flowers – making it the ultimate gift for gardeners and environment lovers.

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