Mobile Sports Game “Boxing Star” Announces Omega Over-Fusion Update

Boxong Star

(Spin Digit Editorial):- Seoul, South Korea Sep 14, 2021 ( – The newest update for the mobile sports game “Boxing Star” is now live! Players can now create the strongest Gear ever and up their game with Omega Over-Fusion, the new Gear Upgrade system.

With Omega Over-Fusion, players can fuse their Omega Fusion Gear to enhance it and make it more powerful than ever. However, to use Omega Over-Fusion, players must combine Legendary Grade Omega Fusion Gear that is all at their maximum Levels. Depending on the Levels of the Omega Over-Fusion Gear, additional special Options will be applied to the new, enhanced Over-Fused Gear.

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Three new Jab Gloves are added to the game. Besides being available for purchase through the game’s Shop Catalog, the Jab Gloves can also be obtained by players who open a Victory Package.

Players will receive tons of rewards just by accessing the game daily. In-game rewards up for grabs include Gym Points, Gold, and the Omega Box.

Developed by 4:33, “Boxing Star” features an immersive story and interactive gameplay in which players fight their way through multiple tournaments. “Boxing Star” has more than 40 million downloads on Google Play.

For more details on all the recent updates, visit the official “Boxing Star” Facebook page.

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