Exploring Oxygen Therapy for Athletic Recovery and Performance

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Singapore, Singapore Sep 1, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The recent events in this year’s Tokyo Olympics have only emphasized the importance of full recovery in achieving optimal athletic performance. Yet, many athletes have been hindered by outdated and ineffective methods of replenishing their bodies with oxygen. While there are a number of available products on the market that attempt to boost performance through supplemental oxygen ingestion, new portable technology is now available for use in athletic recovery and improved performance.

The company O2Genes has recently unveiled its new product which will deploy a suite of oxygen therapies for athletic recovery and general wellness. Available to athletes looking to get back out on the field quickly after injury or soreness, O2Genes’ Hyperbaric oxygen therapy system provides therapeutic benefits at home or abroad. The oxygen therapy system will be an invaluable tool in the everyday lifestyle of many athletes, particularly endurance athletes who have previously been hindered by the size and inconvenience of other portable oxygen recovery pods and canisters.

Oxygen Therapy in Athletics

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Severe cases of oxygen deficiency can be detrimental to athletic performance in any environment. The application of supplemental oxygen therapy for the short-term recovery of athletes is no longer considered an alternative therapy, but rather a standard part of a complete physical therapy regimen.

The repair and remodel of muscles depends on adequate cell volume maintenance and cellular growth, which only occurs when sufficient levels of oxygen are present. Oxygen is necessary for the production and movement of cellular energy building blocks (ATP), thus contributing to better endurance performance. Oxygen also plays an important role in muscle recovery after injury because it can promote faster healing and reduce the frequency or severity of muscle soreness following exercise. In addition to these vital roles, supplemental oxygen therapy can serve as a powerful pain reliever, often leading to a faster recovery time.

While any athlete on any level can benefit from the use of oxygen therapy, many professional athletes have reported significant improvement in their performance after using a portable oxygen system.

Improving Athletic Recovery with Boost Oxygen

The use of supplemental oxygen therapy can not only improve recovery but also increase the amount of time a player can perform on the field after an injury. This portable system will allow the athlete to take it with them or incorporate it seamlessly into their everyday lifestyle, which lends itself to a faster recovery when they are at home or abroad.

The Boost Oxygen for asthma and general wellness is lightweight, making it extremely portable and inexpensive to implement between each training session. Boost Oxygen Singapore allows the athlete to take their oxygen therapy with them anywhere they go, which in turn leads to quicker recovery times.

O2Genes Mild Hyperbaric oxygen therapy system

The oxygen therapy system is a portable oxygen therapy unit that provides the benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (MHBOT), including increased oxygen absorption and delivery. The system allows users to choose between the standard and high-pressure modes for increased ease of use. The device provides therapeutic benefits by delivering regulated levels of oxygen-enriched air. Each session for the oxygen therapy system can be extended up to 90 minutes.

The device is intended for use at different times throughout the day, or before athletic events such as workouts, marathons, triathlons, or other endurance activities. The hyperbaric chamber uses for athletes also works in conjunction with exercise therapies such as yoga or Pilates to further accelerate gains in performance and recovery. The hyperbaric chamber benefits for athletes offers users an unrivaled means of boosting their own health and wellness while working to achieve their athletic goals.

Better Athletic Performance with Oxygen Therapy

A more efficient delivery method of oxygen diving into the bloodstream helps stimulate cellular metabolism by stimulating ATP production. In a study, athletes who received this treatment improved their flexibility and strength after only two hours. Boost supplemental oxygen therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and nerves, restore athletic abilities by oxygenating the blood, boosting energy levels and circulation, decreasing muscle damage after injury, and preventing overuse injuries.

Visit the company’s website for more information on the Mild Hyperbaric oxygen therapy system.

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