Introducing Ultimate Global Podcast a Podcast series on trending International affairs

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Ultimate Global Podcast (UGP) is a 1-stop video-Podcast on trending international affairs

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Sydney, New South Wales Sep 10, 2021 ( – Ultimate Global Podcast is a platform where we discuss the ongoing global affairs that are affecting you on a day-2-day basis. This is a 1-Stop Video and Audio Podcasting Platform on trending International Affairs. It will be a perfect blend of independent fresh thoughts & an experienced mindset.
We will be having 2 different kinds of Podcast sessions:

Daily Dose Podcast

Special Weekly Podcast

Through our Podcast episodes, we want to touch upon pressing global and social issues which are affecting society, thus leaving a meaningful impact through our conversations.

Get the latest insight on various world topics and listen to various famous creators, political figures, and intellectuals.

We Bring you a weekly special podcast with a special guest each week. This Podcast has been founded by George Mavros and Saurabh Kaura, come sit with us, and let’s talk on various trending international topics.

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