Atlanta Rapper Glam Graham Turns Pop Star With Energetic Single “Pretty Girls”

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Atlanta Rapper Glam Graham

Glam Graham empowers women to feel beautiful as she takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride with her pop single “Pretty Girls”

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Aug 3, 2021 ( – The Chicago-born, Atlanta rapper/songwriter Twanna Graham, professionally known as Glam Graham, is making waves in the pop music scene with the release of a highly energetic, heart-pumping single entitled, “Pretty Girls“. “Pretty Girls” is from Glam Graham’s upcoming debut GoldMyne Entertainment, LLC album, “SINsation“, which means she will have much more in store for many albums to come being an artist making music of this caliber. “Pretty Girls” was produced by industry veteran, DJ Fury, who was able to showcase his versatility as a producer within the pop music genre.

Glam Graham is one of today’s most versatile artists and her sound is multi-genre and mostly centered around rap/hip hop. Her debut album, “SINsation“, will reflect this notion; however, you never know what to expect once her pen touches paper or her fingers tap her phone. Glam is the type of songwriter who writes according to the mood she’s in at the time she’s feeling inspired to create. “Pretty Girls” has a catchy and energetic beat that takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It starts out with pounding drums overlayed with a rock guitar while Glam Graham chants phrases from the song’s chorus. Then all of a sudden the beat goes into hyperdrive making listeners go buck wild and live concert attendees jump up and down while Glam Graham daintily recites her beauty empowering lyrics.

The “Pretty Girls” rollercoaster ride takes dips as the beat slows during the song’s choruses giving listeners moments to reflect and feel good about themselves. During those choruses as the words “We Are Pretty Girls” are chanted there’s also time for mental preparation in anticipation of the beat going double-time making listener’s hearts race once again. “Pretty Girls” is becoming popular amongst teen girls and the “loner chicks” who don’t feel pretty enough or don’t fit into set social groups. The song’s delivery suggests its intentions are to make all women feel beautiful and it seems to do just that. Glam Graham‘s lyrics are easy to recite, straight to the point, and the hook is a catchy one — a true mark of present-day’s pop music hits.

Pretty Girls” is not jarring to listen to by any means. It is rather pleasant to sit back and drone out to, or dance to, or even bang your head to it. The song conveys its emotion perfectly and will soon become an uplifting beauty anthem for all women.

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