Holistic Approach of New Antioxidant in Medicine



By Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, a leading international Speaker, Maxillofacial Surgery Consultant – and Ozone Therapist Works at King’s College Hospital, a leading hospital in Dubai

Is Ozone an Antioxidant?

The Ozone (O3) molecule and the Oxygen-Ozone (O2-O3) therapy. O3 is a triatomic gaseous molecule that has been used as a powerful oxidant in medicine for more than 150 years (Elvis, Ekta, 2011).

Is Ozone therapy anti-aging?

Because ozone therapy increases oxygen levels and improves circulation, it helps cells renew. Its antioxidant properties fight free radical harm. Moreover, ozone may stimulate elastin and collagen, which contributes to its anti-aging effects.

Ozone therapy is also extremely effective for combating skin problems such as herpes virus, eczema, acne and pimples, and can even be used to erase scars. In general, ozone skin treatment is given using a localized blowing method with oxygen and ozone

What is Ozone therapy benefits?

As the ozone purifies the air we breathe, it also acts as a detoxifier for our bodies by selectively attaching and eliminating bacteria, fungi, parasites, mold, yeast, and virus.  Ozone therapy may also assist our bodies in getting rid of toxic metals. Very impressive for something we take for granted daily.

Ozone therapy increases the production of cancer-fighting compounds and strengthens various parts of the immune system that are suppressed by chronic infection and cancer. Ozone therapy helps stop the growth of human cancer cells from the breast, lung, and uterus by 40-90%.


How is the treatment?

We collect a small amount of blood, like for a regular lab test, in several tubes, mix then up with the ozone,  which is generated from medicinal oxygen, and put it back in the patient body the same blood combines with oxygen-ozone, all in 20 minutes time, non-painful, comfortable and safe.

Also can be applied in creams combined with oxygen-ozone, and water

Ozone reacts in the body by literally giving the immune system the “food” it needs to function properly. This helps the body to heal by:

  • reducing the clogging of blood cells
  • detoxifying the liver
  • decreasing uric acid in the body
  • improving circulation and oxygen supply
  • decreasing fat (cholesterol and triglycerides)
  • killing viruses, bacteria, and fungus
  • improving the activity of the white blood cells
  • improving the metabolism of cells
  • slowing down the aging process

Fortunately, with recent advances in medicine, it isn’t necessary to wait after a thunderstorm to reap the benefits ozone has! Ozone therapy has been used to improve health for years.

We have offered ozone therapy to many patients to help them regain their health and beauty we

Would love to help you, too.