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(Spin Digit Editorial):- Wilmington, Delaware Aug 31, 2021 ( – Membership Mastermind, a business strategy resource for small to medium businesses, has launched its Inner Circle with Paul & Melissa Pruitt — an epic 12-month experience for online business owners, coaches, course creators, and membership site owners. The Inner Circle program is tailored for businesses that aspire to create financial freedom and positively impact the community. The Inner Circle is an exclusive group and is open by application only. The membership never goes above 50 members because its owner, Paul Pruitt and Melissa Pruitt, stand behind going deeper with fewer members.


In the Inner Circle, members elevate their businesses and life and open their minds up to every possibility they can achieve. The Inner Circle is not about being a number in an extensive program where members do not have a direct voice or following the same cookie-cutter strategy that some expert invented. That is not how Melissa and Paul Pruitt roll. It is about having more natural conversations, connections, feedback, and techniques that actually apply to businesses and going deeper with fewer.

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The Inner Circle goal is for businesses to have multiple streams of income flowing in, getting the brand voice to be heard on top-rated platforms. It aims to create a scenario where business owners call the shots of when they work and where they work, in which location independence and financial freedom are just a couple extra perks. When coaches, course creators, and membership site owners enroll in the Inner Circle, they will get an exclusive invite to Paul and Melissa’s live retreats hosted twice a year, on September 21 and September 22, 3 PM EDT. Within the Inner Circle, business owners can surround themselves with other entrepreneurs playing bigger in their business, get personal feedback and guidance, and create an income-making strategy. The program offers free Zoom call training on online memberships provided twice a month, where members can brainstorm with other online entrepreneurs. In the meeting, members can discuss all things related to memberships, including building an audience through social media, keeping members happy and staying for the long run, handling tech challenges, and more. All are welcome, whether an individual is just getting started with ideas for a membership, has a membership but has not sold enough to pay the bills, or is up and running but still figuring out what to do next. The membership offers a super friendly and motivated community where business owners can jump in as often as they like. Coaches expert in copywriting, sales conversion optimization, search engine optimization, email marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, and technical integration provide help during the zoom calls available every day. Business owners will never get stuck in a problematic marketing and technical task. 


Paul Pruitt and Melissa Pruitt have been launching membership programs over the years that are beneficial to small to medium business owners. They have helped thousands of entrepreneurs create sustainable, fulfilling businesses that let them serve their customers sincerely while having a lifestyle they love. Visit to learn more about The Inner Circle with Paul & Melissa Pruitt.

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