Robert Tweed Explains the Best Way to Get Rid of Mold Smells and the Health Dangers of Mold

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(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Marino, California Aug 12, 2021 ( – If your home has mold in it, you may have many questions about treating the mold and the health dangers associated with it. Here are some key pieces of information about mold in a home that you should know and be aware of.

Robert Tweed Explains How to Get Rid of Mold Smells In a Home

Robert Tweed, San Marino, CA says that the first step to removing the mold scent in your home is to remove the mildew or mold that is causing the scent. Once the mildew or mold has been removed, you will want to clean the area with bleach. That will likely help to remove the scent. If the scent still remains, using a fan to blow air into the area can help lessen the scent, as can wiping the area down with vinegar or sprinkling baking soda on it a couple of times a day until the scent dissipates and goes away.

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Robert Tweed Details How to Get Rid of Mold In a Home

Robert Tweed states that if there is a small amount of mold in your home, you can remove it safely on your own. Grab a pair of gloves and dilute bleach in water. Grab a scrubbing brush or soft cloth and work the bleach into the moldy area. Continue the process until all of the molds are gone. If stubborn mold still remains, spray the mixture with your bleach solution and allow it to sit for an hour or two before scrubbing it away. If you prefer not to use a mold, you can try a mixture of 50 percent ammonia to 50 percent water, although bleach typically works better.

The Robert Tweed States the Health Dangers of Mold In a Home

Robert Tweed explains that mold in a home prevents many health dangers. The problems that are experienced can vary from person to person and may vary depending on the types of mold present. Some of the most common mold dangers include headaches, breathing problems, throat irritation, eye redness, and irritation, wheezing and coughing, and a runny nose. The symptoms tend to be worse in the mold-filled home and improve when a person is out of the home.

Robert Tweed wants you to understand that mold in a home can be dangerous. Not only will mold continue to grow and be damaging to your home, but it can also be dangerous if you or your family members inhale certain types of mold spores. If you have a small amount of mold in your home, you can work to remove the mold and remove the scent yourself. On the other hand, if there is a large amount of mold in your home, you should consider calling in a mold remediation company to safely remove the mold and prevent it from coming back.

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