Nash Habib: Making Waves in the Towing Industry

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Nashwan Habib and son

(Spin Digit Editorial):- San Diego, California Aug 17, 2021 ( – Born in Iraq in 1974, Nash Habib migrated to Greece at a young age with his family in hopes of ultimately reaching the United States. During the early years of his life, the first Gulf War was winding to a close and many refugees from Iraq were trying to immigrate to the United States in search of a better life. Nash Habib was lucky in the sense that he had largely missed the horrors of the Gulf War. Nash Habib arrived in the United States on his 18th birthday and he immediately began working hard to create a better life for himself.

When Nash Habib arrived in the United States, he knew very little English, had no education beyond elementary school, and could not read or write well. However, despite the many challenges he undoubtedly faced, Nash Habib is today the CEO and president of Angelo’s Towing & Recovery, and he is recognized for making waves in the towing industry.

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Angelo’s Towing, which is based in San Diego, is a well-reputed company that has been in the business of towing for many years. The professionals at Angelo’s Towing work hard to provide quality services for their many customers.

Currently, Nash Habib’s company boasts a large fleet of over 50 heavy tow trucks. These tow trucks are available 24/7. These heavy tow trucks can be monitored remotely by satellite and are dispatched throughout San Diego and the surrounding area through a Customer Service Center that operates 24/7.

Some of the services offered by Angelo’s Towing & Recovery include semi-truck towing, onsite car battery replacement, off-road recovery, jump start services, motorcycle towing, fuel delivery, onsite lockout/unlock, flatbed towing services, tire repairs, and changes, heavy-duty towing services, medium and heavy towing, recreational vehicle (RV) towing, and tire repairs and changes. While Angelo’s Towing is based in San Diego, it also has locations in Mobile (Alabama), Oceanside, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and Virginia Beach (Virginia).

Not only is Nash Habib making waves in the towing industry with his company, but he is also helping people in his community. For example, every year, he uses his large fleet of heavy tow trucks to donate turkeys for Thanksgiving to families and military personnel in San Diego. Nash can relate to the experience of living in poverty, so Nash always makes an effort to help those in need. Not only does Nash Habib care about providing some of the best services in the towing industry, but he also values aiding those who need help the most.


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